City Internships Announces the Launch of a New Website

The new website highlights the company’s dedication to reinforcing the bridge between universities and the working world with the Global Internship Program, reports

City Internships announces the launch of a new website designed to better meet the needs of students and recent graduates that are looking to expand their horizons and prepare for a graduate job.

The immersive career programs created for students at university and those who have recently graduated focus on hard and soft skill building and take place over eight weeks with included workshops, seminars and networking events. Individuals participating in the Global Internship Program undertake a work placement at a partner company where they develop real-world skills, expand their professional network and accelerate their career. The new website highlights City Internships’ commitment to increasing accessibility to their market leading program and features numerous alumni testimonials, highlighting the success students could achieve with the help of the program. Participants can join the Global Internship Program in London, Los Angeles or New York.

High Fliers state that 50 percent of graduates miss out on job offers due to lack of work experience and graduates with work experience start on salaries that are 35% higher than those without it. City Internships’ mission is to reconceive and reinforce the bridge between universities and the working world.

Patrick, a University of Bath student, completed the London program in 2015. He stated that he learned more in one summer than in all of his time at university. Patrick is only one example of the success students experience through when they choose to participate. “65 percent of graduates that participate in the program are hired upon completion of the program,” Alex Townley, spokesperson for City Internships (, declares.

Individuals taking part in the program are able to travel the world and gain international real-world experience that advances their career. This is of great importance, as the Huffington Post recently reported that approximately 50 percent of recent college graduates are working in a job that does not require a degree. Of those who graduated from college in 2010, approximately 48 percent are in one of those jobs, with 38 percent stating the work in a job that doesn’t require that they have a high school diploma.

Leah, a North Carolina State University student who took part in the Los Angeles program, states that she was uncertain of her future before participating in the program, yet now has a better understanding of how to focus her strengths and experience. This will benefit her when the time does come to obtain a job, as the Global Internship Program has helped her to hone her career direction which is of utmost importance to hiring managers. Work experience matters and the stats back this up.” Townley continues.

The program helps students focus their career direction while gaining a better understanding of their industry. In addition, the internship provides an opportunity to meet individuals who can boost a student’s career upon graduation and connects students with mentors that can guide them on the journey. Networking is key to success in today’s competitive marketplace and the program is a great boost to any participants’ CV.

“Contact City Internships today or visit the website at to learn more about this life-changing program and how it benefits the participants. Individuals wishing to obtain a field in the job of banking and financial services; art, fashion and design; marketing, advertising and PR; law and politics; consulting and professional services; entertainment, media and journalism; or technology and engineering should certainly consider the program as a way of boosting career prospects.”

“In the UK our alumni earn salaries 30 percent higher than the reported average starting salary of £20,500 and the same is true of US graduates, earning 30 percent higher than the average $38,000 starting salary. Openings tend to fill up quickly, so it is best to contact us sooner rather than later to secure a spot,” Townley announces.

About City Internships:

City Internships provides immersive career training programs for college students and recent graduates, with each program being designed to expand the student’s horizons while getting them ready for a job. The program teaches hard and soft skill building at weekly career workshops, seminars and networking events and students engage in an internship placement at one of the company’s partner organizations. Students develop real-world skills, while building their professional network and fast-tracking their career.

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