Epic Video Factory Publishes Statistics Showing the Importance of Videos

Explainer videos help to show consumers the value of a product or service in a way they enjoy, EpicVideoFactory.com reports

Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research states one minute of video serves as the equivalent of 1.8 million words, thus every business needs to be making use of explainer videos when possible. As 45.4 percent of Internet users view a minimum of one video each month, the importance of corporate video production should never be discounted. Epic Video Factory works with clients every day to ensure they offer explainer videos that are viewed and enjoyed by consumers around the globe. 

“Explainer videos provide a business with the opportunity to educate and inform consumers in a fun and appealing way. In fact, research shows an explainer video increases a consumer’s understanding of a product or service by 74 percent. Imagine having to spend the time needed to explain the product or service simply using words, and it is easy to see why so many are turning to this medium to communicate with their clients,” Darnell Moses, spokesperson for Epic Video Factory (epicvideofactory.com), explains.

Ninety percent of Internet shoppers visiting one major retailer website stated they find video to be of great help when they are making a purchasing decision. The video helps to show the product, what it is capable of doing and how it adds value to the consumer’s life. Businesses cannot afford to overlook this beneficial marketing opportunity, as comScore reports 64 percent of Internet shoppers are more likely to purchase a product after viewing a video.

“The world is changing. People often fast forward through advertisements on TV or pay extra to avoid the ads completely, through the use of various streaming services. They prefer videos that provide value to them, and these videos must be of the highest quality. This is where Epic Video Factory comes in,” Moses continues.

Epic Video Factory makes use of a multi-step process when completing an explainer video for clients. First, it must be determined what the client wishes to achieve with the video, and this is accomplished with the help of a creative brief. A storyboard is created and voiceover talent brought in. The video is then produced, approved and downloaded.

“Epic Video Factory works with clients at each stage of the process to ensure they are satisfied with the product. An explainer video is only helpful if it accurately reflects the brand, and we keep this in mind at all times. Call us today to learn how we can assist you in creating professional videos that show your brand in the best light,” Moses states.

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Epic Video Factory provides explainer videos and video production services to individuals and businesses in Toronto, Ontario and around the globe. The custom video designers remain knee deep in video design and development every day and rock out some really awesome videos-corporate videos, explainer videos and more! A leading video production provider, Epic Video Factory understands what it takes to create a professional video and how that video can help set a business or start-up company apart and increase conversions. Located in Toronto, the company happily meets with clients face-to-face or by phone to show clients what makes their video production services unique.

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