RestorationEZE Publishes Helpful Tips to Prevent Water Damage

Prevention is always the preferred method, as water can do a great deal of damage in a short period of time, reports

Water damage claims continue to grow at an amazing rate, according to the American Insurance Association. This type of damage occurs following a plumbing failure, a natural disaster or a catastrophe of another type, and property owners need to be aware of what their insurance carrier will and will not cover in this type of situation. Most policies do not cover damage resulting from a flood, as this type of insurance is offered on a separate policy. Other damage may or not be covered, depending on how the policy is written and what type of coverage is selected. The best way to avoid water damage, however, lies in prevention.

“The first step in preventing a disaster of this type is to understand the causes of basement flooding. With this information, property owners can reduce their risk of water damage and prevent costly repairs. Although some situations cannot be prevented, individuals need to take steps to minimize any damage that occurs in these situations,” Matt Buchanan, spokesperson for RestorationEze, explains.

Water may enter the building through pipes designed to service the structure, or it may come as a result of groundwater making its way into the building. The key to successfully preventing water damage involves determining where the issue or issues are originating and developing a plan to rectify these problems. Property owners may find they struggle with doing so and turn to the professionals for help.

“Missing or failing gutters allow water to enter the structure, as it is no longer being diverted away from the building, and the ground needs to slope away from the building to prevent standing water from seeping through the walls. Basement walls also need to be waterproofed to ensure water doesn’t enter through these fissures, and a basement drainage system may be needed. The proper solutions will depend on numerous factors, and Restorationeze works with clients to determine which are appropriate in their case,” Buchanan continues.

Unfortunately, some property owners don’t realize they have an issue until water damage has already occurred. RestorationEze can be of assistance in this scenario also. They offer service around the clock and provide free estimates on any work to be done. This company is insurance approved also, for those scenarios that will be covered by an insurance policy.

“Contact us today with your questions and concerns. We work with clients to find the solutions that best meet their needs while fitting in their budget. Water can do a great deal of damage in a short time period and, in many cases, this damage is hidden under floors and behind walls. Any time water enters the home, call us. We’ll work with you to determine the extent of this damage, the steps needed to correct it and how to prevent similar situations in the future,” Buchanan states.

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RestorationEze works with home and business owners to remedy water damage and prevent it in the future, understanding how devastating this can be. This organization is made up of a network of restoration companies, all of whom are fully insured, certified and licensed. Each company undergoes a rigorous approval process and proper vetting, and all work directly with insurance companies to assist with the claims process.

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