Wartune’s New Version 5.5 comes with many new features

The new version comes with many new features, and we’ll be introducing them individually. The entire city also has a new appearance, so it will be quite different from before.

[Wartune 5.5] Knighthood

Character Knighthood Process

After finishing Class Advancement, you will automatically receive main quests which will help you meet the requirements for the Knighthood.

Once you do, talk to Brad in Cloud City to start the Knighthood quests. After starting your journey, you can choose two different paths which will depend on what requirements your Tattoo Attributes meet.

New Knighthood Level

After being Knighted, there will be new Knighthood levels. Characters will upgrade when EXP is full.

There will also be new Knighthood icons to replace your old Dragon Soul level icons to the left of your name.

New Skills and Talents

After being Knighted, there will be new skills and talents. The original ones will no longer be used.

There are two different skill lines, and you can only learn skills from one of them.

No matter which line you choose, there will be two general skills available for learning.

As long as your Tattoo Attributes meet the requirements, you can switch between these two lines whenever you want.

There are a total of seven Knighthood talents which can boost a character’s basic attributes. Each talent line can be upgraded using Balens or Bound Balens.

Wartune’s New Version 5.5 comes with many new features

Knighthood Equipment

The new Mythic Knighthood equipment can be obtained by Holy Forging the Lvl. 80 Mythic equipment to Lvl. 2 – 10 stars, and then upgraded in the Blacksmith along with new synthesis materials.

Knighthood equipment will not only have more powerful attributes, but will also keep the original equipment’s attributes obtained from Enhancement and Refinement.

New Mutiplayer Dungeon

Two new mutiplayer dungeons will be available: Plague Marsh and Black Gold Cavern. These two dungeons only have a Normal difficulty setting for now. Knighthood equipment materials can be obtained from these new dungeons.

[Wartune 5.5] Archaeology

Archaeology has been added as a new feature to the Wilds.

Lvl. 13+ players may open the [Archaeology] panel using the shortcut at the bottom right of the main screen. There are 5 Archaeology levels: Novice, Junior, Expert, Master and Grand Master. Players can earn rewards such as rare mounts and exclusive titles for upgrading their archaeology level. Each archaeology level reward can only be collected once. Players will be rewarded for every Archaeological Handbook they activate.

Finally, players may sell unwanted Eudaemons. There are other features such as Homestead, new Eudaemons flying rabbit and so on. We hope you enjoy this New Year 2016 in Wartune along with its new city.

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