Dinosaur Encyclopedia Offers Free Dinosaur Coloring Pages

LOS ANGELES, CA – 25 Jan, 2016 – Dinosaurs are making a comeback with the recent revelations in the scientific community of theropod dinosaurs (eg. Tyrannosaurus Rex) having feathers, and are actually the predecessors of modern birds.

Dinosaur Encyclopedia, an educational website on the topic of dinosaurs, has launched a series of free dinosaur coloring pages that can be printed by children and adults for coloring. Dinosaur Encyclopedia launched with a series of sauropod dinosaurs (ie. long necked dinosaurs) in the collection.

Dinosaur Encyclopedia also provides free dinosaur wallpapers that can be downloaded for the desktop, iPhone and iPad. This is a perfect treat for any kid or adult that are into dinosaurs. The online educational site also plans to debut dinosaur origami this year, which many fans of the website are looking forward to.

About Dinosaur Encyclopedia

Dinosaur Encyclopedia is an online resource for all ages to rediscover our connection with our prehistoric friends that once roamed this planet – the dinosaurs!

Learn more about your favorite dinosaurs through our encyclopedia, or interact with the world of dinosaurs through our printable coloring pages, wallpapers and origami.

Please visit Dinosaur Encyclopedia at http://dinosaurencyclopedia.com

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