5 Reasons Why You MUST Have This Incredible Dog Training Leash At Home!

To solve common problems with competing leashes, Leatherberg releases their new training leash to the public. Combatting common issues like discomfort, use, and storage, Leatherberg hopes to provide a straightforward solution.

25 Jan, 2016 – Released January 12th of 2016, Leatherberg, a company dedicated to the production of pet supplies, has unleashed a new product to the market. The product, an innovatively designed new leash, is the perfect tool for use with medium to large dogs. Upon its release, the product was listed directly to the popular online eStore known as Amazon.com

This new leash makes controlling medium to large dogs while on walks a breeze. The unbreakable design made of 100% full grain Latigo leather is flexible, but firm. And best of all, it does not wear and tear under the stress of a pulling dog. The material is double stiched together and clamped with metal rivets and a silver snap hook, ensuring that it will not snap even under the toughest conditions. The high-quality material of the leash allows for a comfortable experience for both the dog and its owner.

It does not chafe the neck of the dogs and its thick cushiony leather guarantees that the dog can pull without hurting itself. This also applies to the person walking the dog. Many other leashes cause discomfort for the owner as the material rubs against the skin and muscles begin to ache from the constant tugging. With 6 feet of leeway and a ¾ inch width, the Leatherberg belt does not face these problems. The user can maintain the dog with ease for extended periods of time with no negative effects.

Leatherberg releases this product with the consumer in mind. After listening to the reviews and requests of countless customers, this product was made to reflect common interests. Its sleek design is easy and comfortable to use, and weighing just under ten ounces and easily rolling up, it is effortless to store. With these values in mind, the product is created with maximum safety, utility, and comfort in mind.

Find out more at http://www.amztk.com/dogtrainingleash

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