Launches Social Network for Sports Fans

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. – launched today, offering sports fans a social network that far transcends the features available in traditional online sports forums.  Covering numerous professional sports,, which is free to join, enables members to create posts and leave comments, invite friends to join site, create personal avatars, build fan pages and more.

“If you’re a sports fan, you want to be immersed in sports talk and the total sports environment when you’re online. Cat videos are nice but, you know what, you don’t care, right?” said Isang Inokon, founder of “That’s the idea for It’s sports – your favorite sports only – all the time, battling it out with your buddies or strangers who love and hate your sports teams.”

Deflategate is for people who love sports. With its name inspired by the notorious “Deflategate” scandal involving the New England Patriots in last year’s playoffs,’s mission is to go beyond the basics of sports forums. The company has created a community where fans of various types of sports can interact with fans of the same sports, but they are also allowed to explore their interest in other sports as well. While the name for DeflateGate is from football, the site has spaces devoted to soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, gymnastics, handball, archery, bowling, boxing, MMA, Poker, Parkour, wrestling, volleyball, Surfing, Sumo, Chinese Basketball, Australian Football, Rugby, Canadian Football, Cricket, College Sports, Motorcycle Racing, NASCAR, Golf, Fencing and many others.

When a member signs up to, he or she will be able to choose the sports they are interested in following. They can choose as many sports as they like, but they have to choose a minimum of five. They will be able to create posts and leave comments in the forums of any of those sports that they selected.  Members will be updated on the topics that are trending on the site. They get visibility into which forums are the most active. Members are able to create a virtual name they can use to make comments on the site.  Bloggers, Forums, Sports Networks, Magazines, Sports Radio Stations and Newspapers are able to create their own pages and build followings on the site.

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