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Gary, IN – January 25th, 2016 – In recent years, tattoos have exploded onto the scene. Once something that captivated the hearts of few, has caught the attention of many. With this recent surge, a new web resource has been created that aims to help people interested in tattoo designs find the perfect tattoo for themselves.

Website owner Nick Rosten stated “tattooing has seen one of the largest growth cycles of any business over the past twenty years. The wide availability of tattoo parlors throughout the United States is something that we just didn’t have a few decades ago. Tattoos are in right now, and my business goal is to provide people with a great resource to find inspiration for their new ink.”

The recently launched website, aims to fill the void of proper website that helps users find their end goal: the perfect tattoo for themselves. Nick doesn’t want to stop there though.

“The end-all-be-all goal is to create a complete resource, not just have designs showcased on the website. We want to interview other artists, help people find information on tattoo aftercare, removal, and much more. We want to be the number one resource for tattoos in America.”

Their website is certainly on the right path. Recently Nick has brought in two different writers to work with him on the project: his girlfriend, Paige Trance, and one of his closest friends, a local tattoo artist, Jacob Cain. The trio hopes to keep producing content for the resource in hopes of eventually making it big on the internet.

Jacob Cain mentioned: “Right now times are hard – we aren’t seeing as many customers right now. I figured why not work on a project with Nick?” For these three millenials, the end goal is the same, but they’re far from reaching it. Online Tattoo Designs has a long way to come if it wants to be the best tattoo resource in the world, but these three seem dead set on finishing it.

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