New Daycare and Preschool emergency Notification Service Announced

25 Jan, 2016 – Apollo Communication announces the release of it’s latest messaging service. The new messaging service is optimized specifically for the needs of Daycare and Preschools. The new servers is a bi-directional emergency notification system that lets daycare workers send and receive  emergency messages and general notifications to parents and guardians.  The messaging system is designed off the back bone used in our emergency notification system used by first responders.  When there is an emergency daycare providers need to know that the message get out and received quickly. The new system will enable them  contact  hundreds of people in just seconds.

The messaging system is unique in the fact that it can quickly send out email, text, and call individuals. Each customer is providing their own phone number that can be published like any other phone number. Parents can send text messages to the phone number and it is delivered to a distribution list.

The messages are delivered via email or text to everyone on that list, that way the message is received by multiple recipients.  The dedicated phone number enables  staff to send and receive messages  without having to use their personal phones, or reveal their personal phone numbers,  and all message go through that single phone number.

“We recently had a major snow storm, and we lost power.  Apollo’s system  allowed me to still send a message  out to everyone that school was closed.”
 – Jennifer M.  MD

All Apollo’s messing systems are cloud based and hosted on a RAID 10 servers,  an can be accesses from anywhere and on any device connected to internet. A cell phone is not required to send and receive these messages, and  does nto require you to download or install anything.

The unified contact list makes it easy to send out  a message to a single individual, or to the entire contact list.  The powerful sorting and grouping tools lets you quickly create a group to send a message to. You may want a message to just staff or just the parents. Every incoming and out going message is logged for your records.

The New DayCare System:

• Weather notifications
• School closings
• Emergencies
• General information notification
• Receive incoming messages from parents

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