The UK now has Running Heroes with major partners

The innovative French startup Running Heroes is extending its large community to the UK and Australia, bringing an engaging fusion of a healthy lifestyle for people and impact advertising for major companies

PARIS, FRANCE – 25 Jan, 2016 – United Kingdom & Australia are on their way to becoming Running Heroes, following the footsteps of France, where this innovative startup was created to bring a creative solution to help fight a sedentary lifestyle and its many health hazards. Running Heroes is a French-born unorthodox new initiative that is now making its way into Australia and United Kingdom, mixing the essence of meritocracy, healthy habits and innovative impact advertising for companies, large and small. Founded by young French entrepreneurs Boris Pourreau, 29, with an educational background in sports and commerce, and engineer Jean-Charles Touzalin, 27, the two sports enthusiasts joined forces to create Running Heroes, having taken the first joint steps at a Startup Weekend in the summer of 2013. Launched in March 2014, Running Heroes raised 300,000 euros via the French equity crowdfunding platform Anaxago during the last semester of 2014, its accelerator L’Accelerateur, and 40 private investors, such as Jean-Marc Bouhelier (from PhotoBox and 1001menus) and the founders of

Soon, the Running Heroes platform counted over 80,000 users in France, 60% of which logging on at least once every week, showing the high level of engagement that the initiative quickly generated. From that point onwards, the user base exploded higher – and now is extending to the UK and Australia. The Company is currently in the process of raising another round of funding expected between €1M and €3M in order to fuel its high growth.

“Our purpose is simple but our method is not conventional. Running Heroes literally calls people to run for their lives, to exercise for their health, but we reward those who actually make the effort of running by giving them gifts offered by the 200 partner companies that we work with, such as Nike, Adidas, Uber, Reebok, Holiday Inn or New Balance, among so many others,” said founder Boris Pourreau.

“We’ve started in France, in 2014, where we’ve built a community of more than 200,000 runners, so far. As we are now moving into the UK and Australia, we are calling people to join our community through our website, where they can register for free and start collecting rewards in no time,” Pourreau added.

The Running Heroes project has an impressive network of sponsors offering the initiative’s rewards to runners. From participating in running challenges to win running pair of shoes from Nike or GPS sports watches from Polar, to earning points to redeem at adidas’s or SKINS’ e-shops, runners are met with enticing rewards to keep them running for a healthier life.  “The process is simple and free. People register on our website and link their preferred running app or GPS watch. As they go on their running sessions, whether daily, every two days or whenever they run, they automatically earn points that they can subsequently redeem by choosing the exciting and exclusive offers that our partners have for them. The more people run, the healthier they’ll get and the more rewards they’ll win,” declared Quentin Auberger, the UK Country Manager of Running Heroes. Running Heroes is currently attracting over 750 new users per day and is seeing an impressive growth in its international community of over 200,000 connected runners. The initiative is creating a unique opportunity for sports brands and companies in many other fields to be communicate intelligently, attracting audiences and building customer loyalty by rewarding people for their running efforts.

Besides the Company has developed an event concept called “Connected Races”, allowing large companies and NGOs to organize a running event without any logistical constraints and to encourage people to go out and run. Thanks to the Running Heroes technology, runners can run anywhere in the world at any time of the day of the event as long as their GPS app is connected to Running Heroes. While companies like Accenture, SCIEX or Suncorp have used this concept to animate their workforce worldwide, NGOs like UNICEF organized a connected race to encourage the running community to donate to the UNICEF mission. On November the 29th, their last event, a 10k race called TeamUNICEFWorldRun (, saw 6,072 runners from 57 countries raise 94,909 euros!

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