Glamorous Orbit one wheel Electric Scooter F3 Dazzling Eyeballs at CES

“Airwheel F3 annular electric unicycle can be a glamorous one with its novel design.”
Fancy gear always attracts people’s eyeballs. Airwheel F3 annular electric unicycle can be a glamorous one with its novel design. Maybe someone thinks it’s not practical enough, but it’s glamorous to dazzle onlooker’s eyeballs in the street or at CES.

Ordinary stuffs are always been forgotten by people. In the new century, only the glamorous and innovative products will draw a lot attention. In order to impress the wide consumer groups, Airwheel R&D team has created an annular electric unicycle F3 to be a distinctive scooter among all unicycles.

Airwheel F3 annular electric scooter, a product of technological innovation utilizes the hub-less design, which lightens its weight to great extent. Some people say the hollow ring is convenient for users to pick up, but the real handle is hidden on the top of F3 for the rider to carry. The handle is made up with polyurethane that offers rider a comfortable feeling when he grips it. The colors painting in F3 are white going with red. This color matching is really dazzling in all unicycles.

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Its pedals have been improved since its surface is coated with skid-proof material, which can help users stand steadily during the ride. Let’s view the bottom part of F3. It is installed with taillights and headlights to make riding cooler and safer. They are with high visibility in order to let vehicles and people around the single wheel unicycle give way for rider at night or let other vehicle keep a safe distance with the scooter.

The shell of Airwheel F3 adopts high-tech composite material and silicone, which is of good heat dispersion. Riders can ride it without any worry at night. Since the power of F3 is from the battery pack, the brightness of lights is not enough to dazzle anyone. However, it’s safe to warn the people around you when night falls.

With those features of Airwheel F3 above, the orbit electric unicycle is a glamorous device for its innovative hub-less design. Riding this scooter on the street, F3 is going to dazzle eyeballs of onlookers. Although F3 is not very strong in its performance or function for its range is only less 16 kilometers, the innovative design is going to make the scooter glamorous in the real players’ hearts.

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