Landybridal Knows What You Need for the Spring Party

At the very beginning of January in 2016, Landybridal launches its new 2016 collection and receives popular recognition from both its customers and professional stylists. To know more about the public’s needs and produce more satisfying dresses, Landybridal does a survey online.

Landybridal has reached at an unprecedented level of its achievements this year. After the promotion of its new 2016 prom dress collection, Landybridal has received a lot of presales emails and thanks letters. Customers ask Landybridal about the new designs and thank Landybridal for the amazing dresses it produces. Some of them even send their pictures at the parties and proms with the party queen crowns.

There is no doubt that Landybridal is happy with that achievement. In that collection, designers take the theme of mix, a mix of Western Culture and Eastern Culture.

Last year, Rihanna wore a yellow with a super long train in Met Gala. People played a joke on her and her dress on Facebook, twitter and other social media. However, she is still one of the best-dressed stars at the red carpet. And do you know who the designer of her dress is? Guo Pei, a Chinese designer. So doesn’t Eastern culture really play a role in fashion?

Inspired by the Gala, Landybridal puts Eastern elements together with the Western ones in this collection. Some of the embellishments are the floral appliques and embroideries, and the flowers there are peonies, bamboos and chrysanthemums, the icons of Eastern culture. Besides the details, Landybridal’s designers learn a lot from typical Chinese clothing Hanfu, Japanese clothing Kimono and other clothes such as Ao Dai and Hanbok. With the studies on Eastern fashion, Landybridal creates this amazing collection.

In the newly made 2016 collection, two piece prom dresses are one of the most popular styles among the customers. Two piece dresses at Landybridal are no longer the pure Western thing. They already contain a new meaning.

This collection also shows Landybridal’s service philosophy – one world, one attitude. Landybridal treats every customer wherever he or she comes from with heart and soul. Landybridal respects everyone, every country and every culture. This leads to the combination of cultures in fashion and the promotion of its new collection. Isn’t the slogan “Free Shipping Worldwide!” a great evidence?

Landybridal also put some newly-made ones in the cheap prom dresses collection for students and others who have limited budget. For more info, please visit Landybridal.

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