PTZOptics releases a NewTek NDI Playbook before FebruaryFreeze \”Pre-NAB\” Technology Show

“These market predictions made by PTZOptics are based on “BETA” software planned to be release at NAB 2016. For the most up to date NewTek NDI information please reference”
A new “playbook” release by PTZOptics reviews the camera manufactures market adoption predictions for the new open source technology allowing for ultra-low latency audio and video sharing on local area networks.

Philadelphia, PA – PTZOptics is a U.S-based PTZ camera manufacture focused on producing high quality broadcast and live streaming cameras. Due to popular demand PTZOptics has released a NewTek NDI playbook focused on the following core verticals: Broadcast, Education, Enterprise and House of Worship. Although PTZOptics has yet to implement the NewTek NDI, the company promises to help customer integrate with this exciting new technology. 

The “PTZOptics NewTek NDI Playbook” features a outline of potential use cases for the new technology that promises to deliver ultra-low latency audio and video streaming over local area networks. The picture below demonstrates one use case scenario in the education space. PTZOptics partner vMix has also announced NDI support and would allow for low cost integrations into classroom level live streaming applications which would also have interoperability with main campus broadcast studios using a NewTek TriCaster. 

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This playbook is ideal for anyone interested in setting up live streaming or broadcast systems in the next 3-6 months. Please keep in mind that this technology is still in BETA and is not yet publically available. Look for more information coming from NewTek at NAB 2016. Check out the Map below showing both NewTek & PTZOptics booth locations for NAB Show 2016. PTZOptics will also be at FebruaryFreeze Technology Show in Toronto Canada as a “Pre-NAB” tradeshow. At February Freeze PTZOptics will demonstrate PTZ live streaming camera line integrating with NewTek and vMix video broadcast systems with partner VideoLink.

NewTek Booth: SL5817 (South Hall Lower)

PTZOptics Booth: 14514 (South Hall Upper)

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