New Generation of Defibrillateur from Saves More Life Than Other Machines in the Market

French site is proud to introduce their latest proposal Defibrillateur that boasts of the highest quality to address the needs in the medical field.

The new generation of defibrillateur is being proposed by This is expected to be the highest quality of defribrilator as of yet that has an outstanding ability to save life, that can resist and is very easy to use when a person suffers from a heart attack.

Sudden cardiac arrest that can lead to death is said to be responsible for around 50,000 deaths every year in France alone, with ventricular fibrillation being the most common cause of such sudden deaths.

With the help of heart fibrillation, it is now possible to bring back the normal rhythm through the application of instantaneous electrical current that has several thousand volts or known as shock. This is used for correctly resetting the electrical signals that travel the heart cells to allow them to regain their original synchronization.

The shock is being delivered through using a device which can generate electric current or an automated external defibrillator or AED with two electrodes that will be placed on the victim’s body in areas which facilitate the crossing of the heart through the applied electric current. The treatment with the help of defibrillation is mean to jump start the heart once it stopped beating.

The defibrillateur is not like any other devices in the world as this one is being used to save a life in the most critical conditions. The defibrillators that are being offered at are all carefully chosen to meet their stringent primary criteria that also meet the industry’s standards. is known for being a reliable manufacturer that is approved by the FDA and with extensive hospital history. The company is also a French representation by manufacturer’s subsidiary and not by just a mere distributor. They also take great pride in the best quality and most reliable AED that can cater to the demands of the medical community.

About Matecir Defibril:

Established in the year 2007, just short following the publishing of the decree law that authorized the use of AED by the general public, Matecir Defibril has quickly become the leading name in the French industry, thanks to their expertise and know how that allowed them to create a widespread presence all over the country. The main goal of the company is to give the public an easy access to top of the line AEDs that can be used for effectively fighting against deaths caused by sudden cardiac arrest. With their latest innovation, the company hopes that more people will be able to take advantage of their products and more lives will be saved with their help.

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