Smartphone app tackles the issues of lone worker protection & personal safety

RE:SURE GO is part of the latest wave of security and personal protection devices to hit the tech industry with the goal of ensuring safety and protection of users nationwide across Ireland & The UK.

The latest personal safety app, RE:SURE GO leverages all the power of your smartphone to convert into an effective “personal security device”. This demonstrates another way in which innovative companies are disrupting existing markets through the leveraging of technology. Not only that, but by not now needing to purchase an actual additional device, this has opened up the service to the everyday public. Effective, flexible, and efficient, the app can be easily adopted in various industries, due to its low cost and high success rate.

RE:SURE GO is a breakthrough smartphone panic alarm that is associated with the RE:SURE, one of newest and fastest growing security services supplier in The UK and Ireland. RE:SURE utilises its purpose built 24/7 monitoring centre to give dedicated round-the-clock response.

Anytime the user feels concerned for his or her safety, he or she can easily switch on RE:SURE GO, which immediately connects the user to the RE:SURE Control Centre via their smartphone. Once the distress beacon is activated (there are numerous different ways to do this), an alarm is instantly sent to the response team allowing them to know who the user is, where they are and – critically – view audio-visual evidence of what is happening there and then via the smartphone camera. This evidence can also be used later investigation and potentially prosecution.

The operator from RE:SURE will ring the user right away while simultaneously coordinating with the emergency services and the users emergency contacts, if and when necessary. The authorities will then be able to render faster and more accurate responses because of the comprehensive description of the event that the RE:SURE GO provides.

RE:SURE GO runs on three major mobile platforms – iPhone, Android and Windows phones. They are continually developing this app so that this too will be able to run on the other operating platforms emerging on smartphones.

Several good examples of where the app is highly effective include when meeting new people in some unfamiliar locations, when taking a taxi in the middle of the night (or vice versa to protect the driver), going on a home visit for troubled patients, bringing a big lump of cash to banks or working on their own in a remote place such as night shift workers in factories or even farmers. The scenarios are endless.

The RE:SURE GO app itself is totally free to download, and after that there is a low monthly subscription to make use of the dedicated 24-7 response that RE:SURE provides. The service doesn’t tie you in to any contract and the service can be cancelled at any time in case the user no longer requires the service. RE:SURE also offer a free one month trial for anyone who wants to test out the effectiveness of the service.

RE:SURE GO is the creation of RE:SURE, a company whose mission is to provide their clients with the most advanced security technology, from the creation of bespoke solutions combining remote CCTV monitoring with the RE:SURE GO app, rendering commercial properties a safe and secure working environment not just against intruders but accidents such as falls, where a lack of movement will trigger a response from the app. Lone worker security has been a pressing issue for decades; solutions such as these from RE:SURE are revolutionising in this area.

To learn more about the hazards associated with working alone, check out this page for further reading.

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