ANDA Automation Reveals How To Achieve The “Sweet Spot” For Acrylic Coating Thickness

There’s several tools out there for measuring the thickness during the application, and they fall into two basic categories: dry and wet film measurements.

FRONTIER, SINGAPORE, July 17, 2014ANDA Automation reports that it is vital that the coating thickness meets specifications, and that includes internal and international standards, no matter what conformal coat equipment is used. This process can be controlled by using methods to measure the coating and calibrate the process as needed based on the results. There’s several tools out there for measuring the thickness during the application, and they fall into two basic categories: Dry and Wet Film measurements.

Conformal coating for PCB Dry Film Measurements are made after the coating dries enough for any contact made with the coating, so that any contact made during the process won’t damage the coating. For this method, measurements are taken on unencumbered, flat and cured surface of a PCB, or on a coupon processed with the part. Test coupons are used quite often in industry to measure coating and it is easy and relatively inexpensive to do. The coupons also provide a record for the quality assurance department to look over to make sure the coating characteristics and parameters are up to par with the specifications and can be sprayed the same time that the PCBs are.

One way to spray coating to test involves procuring some coupons made up of nonporous material, such as glass or metal. Glass slides that are like the ones you used in biology or chemistry work really well for this. Test coupons made out of the same material that the PCB you are spraying usually work the best. Let the area dry and take measurements of the area again. The difference between the beginning and end measurements will be the record of thickness. Write these measurements down in a standardized record that shows proof that thickness was calibrated before beginning a run of production. Periodically run other tests during the run to ensure the process is staying in control.

Wet Film Conformal Coating Measurement involves using a wet film gauge to measure the coating while it’s still wet, and it allows operators to test and help accomplish quality assurance before the coating dries. There are advantages to using this method. For one thing, applying to much conformal coating costs a business a lot of money, and it’s also useful for conformal coating processes where dry coating thickness can only be measured by using destructive methods.

ANDA Automation’s fully automatic Selective Coating Machines has long been accepted throughout the industry as the best of this type of equipment. A preferred method of expediting the production process is the use of Automatic Coating equipment. The archaic methodology of employing a brush or a Pen brush, or even the antiquated Dipping Method, are a now a thing of the past. This is the time to take advantage of lowered Manpower Costs, Material Savings, Higher Speeds and Higher Accuracy. No masking is required with ANDA’s Automated Coating Machine, which makes direct coating both possible and easy, according to a company spokesperson.

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