Extinction of Mankind Prevented! New Bestseller shares story of one man’s journey to preserve humankind

DENVER, COLORADO – January 27, 2016 – New romance gothic bestseller, Memoirs of a Providor: Journey of Awakening is an awakening story that follows the life of Evan Providor from age twelve to age thirty. After the Plague of the early twenty-first century, Evan is required to become a Providor.

The sterilization of the male population due to the Plague leaves only a few males with the ability to procreate. Evan must learn about his sexuality and what it means to be present to women.

He also finds he is called to understand the spiritual side of himself as he moves through his teenage years, through young adulthood, and into his life as a young man.

As an asset to humanity, Evan learns to cope with the stresses of his occupation and the ever-present threats to his life. Anne, who is his coach, friend, and lover, helps him as he grows into an aware man. He learns to bend the rules, break some rules, and reach out to the astral plane for life-enriching guidance. This book contains adult material.

‘The Journey of Awakening’ is a wonderful glimpse into a future where the survival of our species depends on a select few. We experience a beautiful journey of love, humanity, and through the eyes of Evan, who is one of the few who is tasked with the continuance of our race. Through ‘The Awakening,’ we experience the uniting of Evan’s path with his soul’s calling and by being immersed in his journey, we cannot help but learn about ourselves.”
 – Ryan Farnworth, Poet and Student of Life

Dana E. Kellogg has been writing most of his life. He has learned to honor the material that flows through him.  Dana loves the creative process and the wonderful way his intuition leads him through a story or into the depth of a poem. Learning to listen to and trust the flow has been a wonderful learning process. Dana is hopeful that his words will reach the hearts and minds of people who are searching for greater human and spiritual connection in their lives.

Dana E. Kellogg is available for interviews.

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