MiniLing targets social media by offering short, human-created translations

A new kind of translation and localization service is launching with the goal of helping businesses and organizations reach a global audience by offering fast, accurate translations done by humans.

The site service,, will offer users access to translations done by a pool of freelance linguists, according to the Director of Operations, Sam Vardanian.

“There is just no comparison between human translation and machine translation, like that offered by Google or Bing,” Vardanian said. “Human translations are accurate and are easily readable by native speakers, and they show that a company is taking its global audience seriously.”

There is an increasingly large audience for businesses willing to post in multiple languages. As of November 2015, nearly 75 percent of Internet users are native speakers of a language other than English, according to the website Internet World Stats. Even if a portion of those speak English as a second language, most will still communicate in their mother language. That leaves a huge number of users being left out when a company chooses to post to social media only in English, for example.

Ahmad Ismail, the founder of MiniLing, said the aim is to make social media translation of short pieces of text simple, fast, accurate and affordable.

“We believe that multilingualism is the only marketing tactic that will instantly broadcast your brand to millions of people,” he said. “We’ve created an affordable service for clients who are serious about reaching the entire world.”

With billions of users on micro blogging platforms, businesses already understand the importance of social media marketing, Ismail said, but some might not realize that they’re missing a large audience by posting only in one language. The company is going to offer monthly subscription options to make it easier for businesses to have their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat or any other short text posts localized into one or more languages. MiniLing platform was designed to be accessible online and via mobile devices, where users can submit text to a group of human translators based on language requirements.

More information, including a signup form for the company’s newsletter, is available at or on twitter @minilingo

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