GED Easy Gives Away Gifts For Passing The GED Test

GED Easy organizes the GED Challenge for students who aim to pass the GED exam in 2016. GED Easy offers free online classes on the 4 GED testing subject areas, informs students about effective goal settings, and is using a productivity method called the Pomodoro technique.

The website challenges students to get ready for the GED test in 160 days. If students pass all 4 GED tests within that period of time after joining the GED Challenge they will receive a gift from GED Easy: A Kindle-Fire, the perfect tablet for reading and entertainment.

Why this challenge? Many GED students start preparing for the GED test but never get to the point of taking it. Some GED Students fail because they lack an understanding of proper goal setting. Many also lack an accountability partner. The GED Challenge is the accountability partner and will guide students on their journey toward a GED credential so they can have a better life.

The GED Challenge provides free Online GED classes, but students can work at the same time with their own learning materials and follow different courses. They still will be eligible to receive the gift from GED Easy if they register on their website, pass the GED Easy practice test and of course the real GED test.

“We want to stimulate prospective students to accept the challenge and set a big goal: pass the GED test,” says Darren Johnson from GED Easy. “When people have that BIG GOAL, everything else will fade away.”

By passing the GED (General Educational Development) test, students will earn a credential or diploma that’s recognized as the equivalency to a high school diploma.

People who didn’t finish high school are faced with considerably lower earnings, and therefore earning a GED diploma is crucial. “GED holders will bring in $750 more per month on average,” says Darren Johnson, adding that “a GED diploma adds in approximately $370,000 in increased lifetime earnings, on average.”

The GED Challenge aims to inspire students without a secondary education credential. More information about the GED Challenge can be found on the GED Challenge website.

The website features short video lessons in the 4 GED testing subject fields: Math (Mathematical Reasoning), Literacy (Reasoning through Language Arts), Science, and Social Studies. Every subject has several courses: for example: GED Math includes courses on: Fractions, Decimals, Equations, Geometry, Probability, Statistics, Percentages, Ratios, and Proportions.

Each course is divided in a few lessons, and every lesson has 2-4 topics. At the end of the lesson there is a short 3-5 questions practice test related to the topics they have just learned.

Lessons are designed to fit one Pomodoro (according to Pomodoro Technique), so 25 minutes, and finding just 25 minutes to learn 1 lesson is very doable.

Students are asked to set the goal of dedicating at least 1 Pomodoro (25 min) a day to learn 1 lesson.

This process enables students to advance through the program a lot faster. In weeks 3 and 4 students sharpen their skills and enhance productivity.

There also are many practice test to help them master Math, Language, Science and Social Studies topics.

“The benefits of this program are vast,” adds Darren Johnson. “They include improved job opportunities, reduced levels of frustration, improved interactions in business and personal life, increased work productivity and confidence, and the chance to get a college education.”

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About GED Easy

Since 2014, GED Easy offered members-only online classes. In December 2015 GED Easy acquired the Best GED Classes website, a leader in free online GED preparation and from now on they offer the modern, online GED prep free of charge.


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