Road show of Foxsee media comes – Highlights the new point of view

According to the China Topix news. Recently, the Foxsee media chief executive officer bill Carraro (bill Carraro) participated in the held in the city of Anaheim Disney’s D23 Expo, and announced that it would expand the Chinese market.

With the improvement of appreciation level and aesthetic for the public, low level road shows have been less attractive to the public due to the lack of interest and enthusiasm for the audience and the too obvious corporate marketing color. However, the series of road shows organized by the Foxsee media recently buck the trend in such an atmosphere, and attract great concern from the public because of its unique innovation, bright elements and quality production. In December 2015, the China headquarters of Foxsee media has held ** road shows in ** megalopolis in China, and aroused strong repercussions in the community.

Unique Innovation leads the new direction of road show

Foxsee media, which is originated in the American dream factory, has unique ideas in road show originality. Senior 3D animator, Manny Frederis, works in the American dream factory Losangeles headquarters, who once was the senior animator of international famous companies, such as Disney, Paramount and NCSOFT. Rich experience and profound understanding of Chinese and Western culture makes him create many famous film and television animation works, such as “Kung Fu Panda”, “Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow”, “Train Your Dragon”. With his leading, Foxsee media cultivates a high level planning team in China, and the planned roadshows have unique innovations, which makes the audience excited and attracts a large population of audience rapidly.

Bright elements shine upon the new style of road show

In 2004, Manny Frederis served as the design director to found the dream factory animation company. With his keen business sense of smell, he expanded the theater animation to Web animation, and the created mg animation became a new bright spot for Foxsee dream factory. At present, the basic icon materials of European and American flat animation mostly come from Foxsee dream factory. In the details of the road show activities, from short film to stage effect, from the layout to the atmosphere production, each aspect shows the unique material collocation idea of Foxsee, thus vividly show the new style of road show.

At the same time, the road show of China headquarters of Foxsee media adhere to the simple and lively style, go directly to the theme, focus on showing the target carrier of road shows, and combine the popular elements in Europe and the United States with the era style of China, so as to allow the audience to accept new ideas, new products, new fashion. It has been followed by many enterprises and is creating a new style of road show activities.

Well made, ensuring the high quality of road show

Foxsee media bases on the general trend of global economy, expands business to Asian countries and there comes the China division. Later, a number of cutting-edge designers from Warner Bros., Universal Studios and Disney. For the substantial increase in commercial animation market, Foxsee China specially establishes a production team, which focus on the road show animation, corporate videos, 3D special effects video production, so as to ensure a high quality of activity propaganda films.

In road shows, the China headquarters of Foxsee media focuses on the combination of high level production of promotional films and professional performance team, highlights the direction of road show activities, increases communication and contact strength with local cultural departments and folk art talent, employs professional literary talent to add color to the road show activities. At the same time, he China headquarters of Foxsee media also pursues for the perfect of details in the road show activities, makes accurately understanding on the weather, stage, scene, improvement and release, so that the road shows effectively cut off the audience’s needs on appreciation and aesthetic.

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