A kickstarter campaign started for Urban slim wallet with RDI protection

A new product named Urban slim wallet 2.0 with RFID protection has been launched on kickstarter.com. It is a unique wallet, with a perfectly new design and a very slim size. This wallet is created by experts after a long and wide research using a revolutionary technology to create the slimmest and easy accessible wallet. By the sound of it, these might sound ordinary, but are precisely the most unique and stylishly designed wallets that can stand out in looks and protection for the valuables and cards.

RFID is radio frequency identification chip, which is a widely used chip deployed in almost all the official documents such as driver’s license, passport, cash cards, debit and credit cards in a whole of the United States. This RFID chip uses radio frequencies to be read via a scanner only by waving the card over it. Although this technology has reduced the hours in queue for the consumers and has lessened the manual work for people all over. But at the same time, this imposes a greater level of threat making the important and confidential information stored in these chips vulnerable to identity theft and electronic pick pocketing.

So to handle situations like these, Urban Gear Pro has introduced these Urban 2.0 wallets that offer RFID protection, ensuring that none of their customers fall prey to issues like identity theft etc. It’s thin and uniquely crafted walls ensure that the radio frequency of the scanners do not pass through the wall of wallet avoiding any unintended transactions.Also along with RFID protection, its flexible material can accommodate upto 15 cards together, without bulging it out or letting any of the contents of the wallet be exposed. The Urban slim wallet 2.0 comes in 5 beautifully vivid designs and colours that give its customers the liberty to pick the style that matches their personality the most.

The Urban 2.0 wallet has now been launched on kickstarter campaign named, urban slim wallet 2.0 with RFID protection. The campaign had earlier pledged the goal of $2800 and the timeline for shipping of these products is estimated as May 2016. The campaign has been a huge success so far with already a total of 265 backers who have pledged $5959. The campaign will be accepting more backers for another 47 days only. These wallets and other products by other urban gear such as passport case with RFID protection and urban gear wallet 2.0 Plus are available in the campaign for backers at incredible early bird prices and multiple choices.

For more details on the product and the company check out the official website of Urban Pro.

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