Connecticut’s Communities and Drug Rehab Centers Keep the Flames of Hope Alive

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In 2014, Connecticut posted a 26 percent increase in the number of deaths associated with heroin overdose.

With 558 drug overdose-related deaths, the figure also reflects an 86 percent rise from its 2012 records when only 174 deaths were attributed to heroin overdose. Unfortunately, more than two-thirds of these deaths were attributed to mixing heroin addiction with prescription narcotic analgesic tampering, misuse, and abuse, particularly fentanyl, oxycodone, and methadone. And while Connecticut’s famed drug rehab and treatment centers can only wait for individuals to reach out, the government has taken measures to refocus their strategy in the provision of early interventions in order to avert overdose or death.

The news has visibly shaken a great majority of Connecticut’s communities. However, many still cling on to the hope that maybe things will turn out a lot better this time around. And while some may seem to have difficulty looking at the brighter side of things, drug rehabilitation facilities in the state are nonetheless optimistic with the renewed commitment shown by some members of the community as well as several drug rehabilitation advocates and support groups. It is the support of the community that a Connecticut addiction center is optimistic about keeping the flames of hope alive.

The optimism springs from the observation that the number of drug-related patient admissions actually increased by almost 90 percent in two decades from 1994 to 2014. The increase in drug addiction center admissions is attributed to the effectiveness of drug rehabilitation centers especially in the creation of an atmosphere of accountability and trust. More individuals are seeking assistance with their drug related problems and issues. Many of them are becoming change agents right after completing their rehabilitation program. They help others who find the courage to seek professional help. They also form drug treatment support groups in order to ensure that other addicts will also reap the benefits of a highly comprehensive addiction treatment program.

The communities of Connecticut are aiding and supporting drug rehabilitation experts as they attempt to bring back life to many drug dependents, addicts, and abusers. With the support of Connecticut’s drug treatment centers, communities are now creating and mobilizing support groups. Former drug abusers who have been successfully rehabilitated form the core of these social support groups. These individuals leverage their experiences in order to help drug dependents turn a new leaf and lead more productive lives. Furthermore, these drug treatment support groups have become invaluable resources in the education of teenagers regarding the many harmful effects of using illicit drugs.

The community participation in Connecticut’s drug addiction treatment programs is commendable, to say the least. It has clearly enhanced the ability of drug rehabilitation professionals to help people get through their drug related problems. Of particular importance is their renewed emphasis on a more holistic approach to drug treatment. With everyone working together towards the achievement of a common goal, there is always a cause for optimism in the homes of Connecticut. And with unfailing dedication and commitment of Connecticut’s drug rehab and treatment centers, the state still has plenty of reasons not to give up the fight.

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