Illinois Drug Treatment Centers Focus on Education

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In 2014, there were 1,705 Illinois residents who lost their lives because of drug overdose.

A great majority of these highly preventable deaths is attributed to the misuse of highly controlled prescription drugs like morphine, methadone, oxycodone, and tramadol. The age-adjusted death rate related to drug overdose was 13.1, up by 1 percentage point (12.1) the previous year that posted 1,579 drug overdose deaths. Drug treatment centers are alarmed at the increasing trend. This is despite the renewed efforts of everyone in the Illinois society to make a dent in the drug scourge that is not only plaguing the United States’ fifth most populous state but all other states as well.

The increase has been attributed by authorities to the resurgence of heroin which is known to be at least 5 times deadlier than prescription drugs. Because authorities have seen the alarming increase in prescription narcotic analgesic misuse and overdose in recent years, they have put too much effort in the control of these often misused and abused therapeutically beneficial substances that they forgot about the other illicit drugs. Drug rehab experts say that this has somehow led to the resurgence of heroin. Because it was proving to be more difficult to gain access to prescription opiates as well as the stricter penalties associated with its possession, many drug dependents have resorted to heroin, which is a natural derivative of opium, the same parent compound of prescription narcotic opiates.

Illinois’ drug rehabilitation and treatment centers are now focusing on educating the public, in cooperation with other members of the health care community, on the dangers of heroin and other illicit drugs including highly controlled substances.

Heroin is known as the world’s most dangerous drug. Drug tolerance can develop at a dizzying speed hence, requiring the taking of significantly larger doses of the drug in increasing frequency. Opiates in general are considered downers because of their ability to control pain yet at the same time enhances pleasurable feelings. Tolerance, severe withdrawal symptoms, and tissue dependence are three of the hallmark problems associated with opiates. And heroin is the toughest of them all.

Illinois’ addiction center establishments aim to educate families and individuals on the dangers of these drugs. Overdose often leads to fatal seizures and respiratory depression. In severe cases, the entire brain shuts down leading to death. This is something that many individuals fail to understand. They think that since opiates can relieve them of their pain, they are beneficial. What addiction treatment centers want the public to realize is that starting with small doses of these substances can significantly lead to sufficiently larger and larger doses and taken at significantly more frequent intervals. This is because the body no longer feels the effect of the drug at a given dose. Lest the body experience severe withdrawal symptoms, it needs to have the drug in sufficiently higher doses and at more frequent intervals. Over time, the body will simply succumb to the accumulated drug metabolites.

This is what Illinois’ drug rehabilitation and treatment centers want everyone to know. Drugs do have their uses. But if used improperly, then problems will definitely arise.

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