Leggings HQ Announces Premiere Activewear Leggings Website

Exclusive Leggings Information Website Finally Available for Those Who Live in Leggings

LONDON – Leggings HQ, the international authority in fitness leggings, has announced the launch of its greatly anticipated, new comprehensive website for those who live in gym, fitness, yoga and running leggings. Leggings HQ is the expert, independent online reviewer of sports and fitness leggings. With a team of seven female athletes and four male athletes, www.leggingshq.com reviews the best, and worst leggings from all over the world, including yoga pants, compression pants, casual leggings, leather leggings and men’s leggings.

The reviewers share in-depth and up-to-date information. “Having reviewed over 100 (yes that many) pairs of yoga pants or gym leggings, we know what’s good from bad when it comes to leggings purely for fitness activities.” Recently, www.leggingshq.com has posted the “Top Five Websites from which to buy Leggings in 2016,” based on the most important leggings attributes, “price, style and performance.” 

For both men and women, a leading category to watch is activewear compression pants, which are the latest trend in running clothing. “Over 50% of active joggers now prefer compression pants over shorts or leggings. This is mainly down to the comfort and breath-ability the pants have when an individual is jogging. Along with benefits through the science behind the pants, they also are extremely stylish, with both men and women preferring the styles of the compression leggings over the older and outdated shorts.”

Yoga pants are for yogis and the general public. More people live in yoga clothing than ever before. Yoga pants have replaced jeans as the everyday alternative to knocking about town. Extremely high quality and fit are very important. The site explains the necessities of fit, seaming, stretch, fabrics and breathability. People have different priorities, so Leggings HQ covers all aspects of the best yoga pants in the world.

Generally Leggings HQ shy away from the big sporting brands when it comes to reviewing gym leggings and yoga pants because the price is usually way too expensive, compared to a similar quality legging from a lesser known brand. The website explains this as, “Paying for the label.” However, there are some top name brands which perform extraordinarily well over all categories and are a great value for one’s money. These special name brands are highlighted on www.leggings.com

For more information go to www.leggingshq.com

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