Canna Companion Launches Nationwide in the USA

The World’s Premiere Hemp Health Product for Pets is Ready to Roll Coast to Coast

MONROE, WA – 28 Jan, 2016 – Canna Companion Products, Inc. of Monroe Washington is pleased to announce the national retail launch of the world’s premiere line of hemp based health products for pets.  The formulas were developed after 15 years of R&D and clinical application by the husband and wife veterinarian team of Dr. Sarah Brandon and Dr. Greg Copas.  Drs. Brandon & Copas are considered the world leaders in examining cannabis’ potential  as a viable holistic compliment to more traditional forms of veterinary medicine, providing a truly integrative approach to utilizing cannabis in pets’ well-care regimens. Canna Companion products have been available via e-commerce since 2014 and now the Company is reaching into all levels of the pet supplement industry, broadly distributing to retail stores, veterinary hospitals and clinics, and through online vendors.   

Canna Companion’s Executive Director Dr. Sarah Brandon states: “We are very pleased to expand our product distribution. The goal has always been to make it available for pets on a national scale and we are excited to be at that point in our development.”

This all natural, non-GMO hemp-based product has been meticulously developed by combining traditional and holistic veterinary medicine and the science of cannabis. Dr. Brandon continues: Cannabis is one of the most therapeutic plants on earth and I have always found it fascinating that every mammal contains an internal cannabis receptor system, called the endocannibinoid system or ECS.  Not only does this system produce its own cannabinoids but those same receptors respond to external sources, such as those found in cannabis.  Once activated, the ECS helps maintain healthy neurological, immunological and physiological systems, including those of dogs and cats.  When all of these systems are balanced and functioning properly, enhanced health is the result.”

The Company’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Greg Copas states: One of our goals is educating the public about the possible dangers of using CBD-only and hydrocarbon-extracted products intended for human consumption. We are dealing with significant differences in body size and metabolism.  A product which may be appropriate for a 180 pound human could be dangerous to a 70 pound Labrador Retriever.   Concerning hydrocarbon extractions, such as butane, trace amounts of residual hydrocarbons in any extract may be acceptable for a human but they can cause serious health issues in animals.  When using extracted materials, we ensure a CO2-only extraction process is utilized.” 

Canna Companion formulations utilize the whole plant which allows the various phytocannabinoids and terpenoids in cannabis to work in synergy, producing what has been identified as an “entourage effect.”  This effect means less product is needed in order to achieve the same health benefits with less risk of adverse effects – just as nature intended.

The Company and its products have received significant support from some heavyweights from the areas of veterinary academia, the pet products industry and the entertainment world.  Professor Peter Cowen of North Carolina State Unversity’s College of  Veterinary Medicine and now the Company’s Chief Clinical Epidemiologist and an Advosiry Board member commented: Based on my own experience with my dog, Londun, there is something of extreme value here. I am impressed not only from a therapeutic perspective, but also from a psychological perspective.”   Professor Cowen is orchestrating a clincial study at NSCU for the coming year and the Company is  looking forward to presenting those findings to the veterinary community and the public at large.

Bill Schiaffino, President of New York based SLA Brands, Inc., a leading consulting firm in the US pet products industry stated: “I feel Canna Companion is now entrenched as the category leader and product concept originator in the consciousness of the pet industry. SLA is proud to be the exclusive North American sales management team representing Canna Companion Products Inc.

In addition, long time cannabis/hemp proponent and world famous cannabis culture and entertainment icon Tommy Chong is also lending his support to the brand: “The decision to work with Canna Companion was obvious for me. I’ve had pets throughout my entire life, and I still do. If we can do anything to improve their quality of life, I’m all for it.

The formulation currently comes in capsules for dogs and cats, with liquids, flavored chews and an equine formula coming in 2016. The products are also covered by two of the world leaders in the pet insurance industry, Trupanion and PetPlan.

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