Aikang: Home to the Best LED Ceiling Suspension Lights

28 Jan, 2016 – Aikang is proud to introduce its line of environmentally friendly LED ceiling suspension lights. As part of the company’s commitment to providing quality products, Aikang’s LED ceiling suspension lights have high efficiency heat dissipation, energy saving capabilities, good color rendering and 35000 hours rated lifetime.

These lights turn almost ninety percent of the energy they consume into light, allowing them to save a lot of energy which in turn helps homeowners save money on their utility bills. LED ceiling suspension lights also produce much brighter light than other options making them especially useful for industrial and commercial settings. As these lights are made from durable materials, they can withstand various harsh conditions like shocks and vibrations.

Aikang made sure that their products won’t cause harm to the environment. Their LED ceiling suspension lights are totally environment friendly as they don’t contain any toxic chemical or material. Other lighting options contain mercury that is dangerous for the environment. Aikang’s LED ceiling suspension lights have different beam angles. Customers can find LED ceiling suspension lights with a beam angle of 24˚ and 110˚. 

Aikang addresses complex concerns that limit the performance and efficiency of lighting products. This is the reason why the company puts great care in their manufacturing process. From choosing the raw materials to their testing requirements, Aikang maintains 100 percent compliance to quality standards to guarantee the performance as well as efficiency of their products.

About Aikang

Aikang Semiconductor Lighting Co., Ltd was founded by Mr. C.M. Liao in 2011. The company is fully committed to the development of high quality and environmentally friendly LED lighting products. Aikang provides excellent customer service to meet the needs of their clients.

The company’s line of product includes LED Down Lights, LED Ceiling Suspension Lights, T5/T8 Tube Lights, Led Spot Lights and LED Track Lights. They have a factory in Mainland China and customer service office in UAE and USA.

Aikang is based in Taioyuan City and has a sales network that covers both overseas and domestic locations. The company conducts yearly training programs to improve their management competence and further develop their staff’s skills.

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