Rhode Island Drug Treatment Centers Hoping for Increased Treatment Admissions

At Elite Rehab Placement we pride ourselves on taking as much stress as possible out of the rehab process. It’s hard work to call several different rehab centers and listen to their sales team tell you why they are the best possible option for you. We’ve already done all of the research and work with several high quality centers, all over the nation, that we are intimately familiar with.

In 2013, there were a total of close to 11,000 Rhode Island residents who sought drug treatment from the state’s drug rehab facilities. Despite the 2.8 percent decline in drug addiction treatment admissions from the previous year and the 5.2 percent decrease Rhode Island posted from 2007, the state’s overall treatment and rehabilitation admission rates are significantly higher compared to other states in the country. Heroin addiction accounted for 25 percent of all treatment admissions while 23 percent were admitted for misuse of prescription drugs. Marijuana, methamphetamine, and cocaine also accounts for the other admissions. Unfortunately, Rhode Island tops the country in the use of marijuana and other illicit drugs, a survey in 2015 revealed. In 2014, there were 23.4 drug overdose associated deaths for every 10,000 Rhode Islanders. This was up by 1 percentage point from its 2013 record of 22.4 registering 241 deaths associated with drug overdose.

While there is little evidence to show that Rhode Island’s drug rehabilitation programs can make a dent in the drug trafficking and drug distribution problems of the state, it is nonetheless optimistic that they can somehow make more meaningful contribution to society by treating drug dependents and drug addicts. The facilities, amenities, systems, and processes are in place to provide the best treatment any addiction center can afford.

Many are staffed with highly qualified professionals who do nothing but to enhance their professional competencies in an effort to provide the highest possible quality of care. Medical doctors who specialize in drug detoxification programs are working hand in hand with other members of the health care profession in order to come up with more innovative and truly patient-centered plans of care. Cognitive and behavioral therapists continue to find newer cognitive, behavioral, and social models upon which to base their therapeutic interventions from. This is in an effort to provide a more holistic approach to drug treatment and rehabilitation. Medications designed to help drug dependents wean off addicting substances are carefully titrated according to the patient’s responses. Combining medical interventions with proven cognitive behavioral therapies have been shown to be very useful in treating and rehabilitating individuals.

But there is a catch and one that all Rhode Island drug rehabilitation centers acknowledge. Despite the completeness of treatment and rehabilitation facilities as well as the soundness of the whole treatment and rehab programs, the major issue is that there are only a handful of takers. This means that despite the vast treatment options and rehabilitation resources, there are simply fewer people who avail of these services. This is why many addiction treatment centers in Rhode Island are taking to the internet to improve their visibility to potential patients. It is hoped that by using technology to reach out to vulnerable populations, drug addiction treatment centers can increase their treatment admissions. Other more mainstream traditional marketing strategies are also being employed in order to disseminate information about the availability of drug treatment services.

Whatever strategy they employ, it is a must for Rhode Island drug rehab centers to increase the number of individuals seeking drug treatment.

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