STEM Studios Much Talked About Shooting Game Zombie Attack 2 Released On Google Play

Zombie Attack 2 is an adventure and shooter run game. It is a 2D adventure game where the player shoots the zombies to survive in a zombie world. The latest instalment of Zombie Attack has been described as one of the best shooting games on Google Play.

Google Play is pleased to announce a new shooting game has been added to its platform. Zombie Attack 2 created by STEM Studios is an exciting adventure game that takes the player on an exciting adventure where they have to shoot zombies in a zombie world to survive.

Zombie Attack 2 (, which has been described as one of the best shooter games on Google Play takes the player on an exciting and on the edge of the seat ride. Zombies attack a plane, which crashes leaving survivors to scatter into the forest for refuge. One warrior left alive decides to fight back for survival to rescue his friends, but with all the Zombies coming at him, it’s only the skill of the player that will determine if he and his friends survive.

The designers of the game have brought all the features and the graphics a player would expect to see on a PlayStation and other gaming systems. Zombie Attack 2 is not just a game, it is a compulsive play where once tried, the player will not be able to put it down.


• Stunning graphics with inspiring music and sound effects in just 7.9 MB.

• A map based adventure shooting game with addictive and interesting gameplay.

• 4 Different worlds.

• 8 Heroes with different weapons.

• 24 different zombie types.

• 8 Boss Zombies.

• Zombie plants.

• 4 vehicles to use [car, jeep, truck, APC]

• Easy Controls.

• Unlimited ammo.

Zombie Attack 2 takes some skill. With the Zombies quickly multiplying, the user has to shoot quickly to rescue his friends hiding. With so many different levels, and with so many Zombies to shoot at including the plants that turn into Zombies, the player will have no time for the real world.

Since being launched on Google Play, Zombie Attack 2 has received positive reviews from players, which includes from Carl Johnson who said:

“Awesome Its hard for me to get a good game work on may 4yr old phone, this one is the best I got this year, well done, thanks for making this awesome game.”

It is not just players who have given the game positive reviews; professional game reviewers have called it an exciting game and one that all gamers should try.

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