The Key to Protecting Your Business in the New Year

Make sure your business is protected with the most up-to-date security systems for 2016.

With the New Year comes new technology and new opportunities to protect your business more effectively than ever before. With 2016 under way, it is a great time to audit your business’ security systems and functions to see where you may be able to improve.

Nicole Swartwout with CallTeks, a leading provider of security solutions in the Phoenix area, says the best way to determine whether your commercial security systems need improvements is to schedule a consultation.

“At CallTeks, we encourage businesses to schedule a consultation with a professional commercial security systems provider, just to make sure your systems are effective and up-to-date,” Swartwouth says. “The technology is always improving in ways that will only make businesses stronger and safer.”

CallTeks specializes in all aspects of commercial security for any type of business and any size. The professional specialists understand that there’s no single solution that will work for every business.

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems should be customized to meet the needs of a particular business. CallTeks can help determine if your business would do better with a silent alarm that automatically notifies and dispatches authorities, or a louder system.

Businesses may also want to have motion detection technology added to the package to provide an added level of security. CallTeks also specializes in advanced CCTV technology, providing the highest level of capabilities, from HD to zoom capability to remote monitoring.

“Lighting is also an important aspect of security for any business,” Swartwout says. “A security expert can help point out trouble areas around your business to create lighting that will deter crooks from lurking around during the night.”

A CallTeks audit of your commercial security systems will also take a close look at access control systems and determine if an upgrade might be needed.

About CallTeks

CallTeks is a trusted provider of commercial security systems in the phoenix area. The company also works with businesses on phone systems, network cabling and AV solutions. 

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