Pest Free Homes Help Prevent Allergy Symptoms

Established in 1989, Columbia Pest Control Inc. provides pest control, extermination and maintenance services to Portland, Oregon and surrounding areas. Many times people tend to overlook various allergy triggers such as Dust Mites and Cockroaches which can be triggers to asthma or allergy flare-ups. Over the years, the company has helped countless residential and commercial clients deal with pest problems and resolve the many problems pest infestations bring. The pest control Portland experts recently talked about pests that can cause allergy or asthma flare ups.

Many people may not know that cockroaches Portland can also cause allergic reactions; people who suffer from yearlong allergies may need to check their houses for a cockroach or dust mite infestation which may be the root cause of the problem.

The experts explain: “German cockroaches are the most common cockroach species found in houses, apartments, condominiums, hotels, restaurants, and just about any other kind of business in the United States that has a cockroach infestation. German roaches are associated with a variety of human illnesses. German cockroaches are very difficult to control for a variety of reasons.”

Due to cockroaches’ impressive ability to resist control measures and adapt to changes, extermination requires cooperation between the exterminators and the property owners.  Only by working together can a lasting solution for the problem can be created and implemented. The company and its team of pest control professionals are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that each project that they take on is dealt with fully and the roach or dust mite Portland problem is taken care of in the most effective and efficient manner.

The company’s capability to provide quick, affordable and Eco-Safe Pest Control solutions for residential locations and offices has earned them the spot as one of the best pest control company in Portland. The highly knowledgeable, trained and friendly pest control professionals at Columbia Pest Control are happy to discuss and answer any concerns clients may have about pest control, extermination and maintenance.

“I wanted to drop your company a line to thank you for being honest and holding up on your guarantee. I appreciate it greatly. We shall continue to do business with you and refer you to others anytime we have a chance to. It was nice to actually do business with a company where a guarantee actually means something. Thank you.”
– L. McAlpine wrote in a positive testimonial.


Columbia Pest Control Inc. provides pest control, extermination and maintenance services. Established in 1989 by Mike Giskaas, who serves as the company as President, Columbia Pest Control is headquartered in Portland, OR. The company has had over 30 years of Pest Control Portland OR experience of helping people with pest issues in their large or small homes, offices and other buildings.

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