Syoptek International Limited Unveiled Full Range of Fiber Optic Tools for Industrial Workers

Syoptek International has been a familiar name among industrial workers and purchase officers buy fiber optic network components and tools online. The manufacturers recently unveiled their latest range of tools.

Syoptek International Limited, a Hong Kong based top manufacturer of fiber optic network cables and diagnostic tools, recently unveiled its newest collection of fiber optic tools at a trade fair in downtown Hong Kong. A senior sales officer from the company described the ‘historic’ from the perspective of Syoptek International.

“Never before we did launch so many fibe optic tools together. We are quite happy to annonce the launch of so many industry-grade tools, all at the same time. All the tools featured on our catalogue and on our website are readily available now and online payment options can also be availed by the buyers,” he said during a brif meet with the press.

“We have been in this business of manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing one click cleaner and other types of fiber optic tools since 2005. However, we are now putting more emphasis on capturing the wholesale market than trying to venture into the retail market. this is because we have seen unprecedented demand for fiber optic tools in the offshore wholesale market and we are not going to miss this golden chance,” the sales officer added.

FIP-800-D is one of the most successful products from the house of Syoptek, going by the number of purchase orders the company has already received at the trade fair which concluded very recently. “It’s an all-in-one tool kit that seems to have gained wide currency among the visitors, many of whom represent big industrial houses in North and Central Europe and in the USA as well. We are quite excited to present the full range of fiber optic tools, including the much needed OTDR instruments to our prospective buyers,” said the marketing head of Syoptek International.

“Currently, we are headquartered in Hong Kong and our main factory is in Xiamen. We have plans to open offshore production units in Europe. However, for that, we need to analyze the market trends and the demand for such specialized tools in Europe and North America especially,” he added.

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Syoptek International Limited is a Hong Kong based manufacturer and supplier of fiber optic tools.

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