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Spit Happens™ Disposable Spittoon is the only patented odor-free, spill-proof, disposable spittoon for smokeless tobacco users.
Spit Happens™ Disposable Spittoon is a revolutionary product that solves smokeless tobacco users’ problems.

The bottle contains a powder that turns liquid into a gel to eliminate spills and odors in your vehicle, work place, and home.

The stylish and convenient bottle fits in your vehicle’s cup holder, holds up to 14 oz. of liquid (2–3 cans of smokeless tobacco), and its flip-top lid can be operated with one hand.

Spit Happens™ Disposable Spittoon is the only patented disposable spittoon on the market. Each stylish bottle contains a proprietary blend of powder that turns liquid into a no-spill gel. This revolutionary product design means no more spilled paper cups, no more unsightly water bottles, and no more worrying about taking a sip from the wrong soda can! 

Our spittoon solves the 3 most basic problems for the smokeless tobacco user:

1. Where and what do I spit in?

2. How can I be discreet?

3. Dealing with a messy, stinky spittoon that needs cleaning? 

Satisfied customers and their loved ones agree:

“Spit Happens™ disposable spittoons provide a unique solution for adult tobacco consumers.”

“No more looking at my husband’s spit in a clear water bottle.”

“Now I’m not embarrassed to be with my boyfriend in public when he has a chew.”

“The price is super; I keep one in my truck, at home, and at my work.”

“I don’t chew everyday so one spittoon will last me a long time and still there is no offensive odor.”

Our parent company Du-More Inc. was established in 1981. In 1986 we brought to the national market the first dental flosser. At the time, a portable flosser pick was considered strange but today its one of the world’s most widely used dental hygiene products. Now we are proud to introduce our newest innovative product for the adult tobacco consumer. Spit Happens™ Disposable Spittoon is also a very unique product.

Our company has a proven national track record for manufacturing innovative products, timely shipping and perfect order fulfillment. We have spent three years in research, design, trial and error for a product that solves the three major issues of smokeless tobacco use: smell, image, and clean-up. We have the expertise, willingness, and desire to make this product successful. 

Please check out our video on the website: www.spithappens.com

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