iDigic helping Small Businesses go from Zero to Thousands in Days

Company offers smart marketing technique to help small businesses get more visibility on social media. is the newest kid on the block offering premium Instagram followers and likes to help businesses spice up their popularity on the Internet. At this site, customers can conveniently shop any number of social media followers to increase their profile views organically.

Instagram is the fastest growing social network with over 400 million registered users worldwide. It allows people to post their messages in the form of photos and videos that have been scientifically shown to capture visitors’ attention more effectively than text messages. Businesses with visible profiles have a competitive edge over the ones that lack a credible fan base.

Bryan, an iDigic spokesperson, said “imagine that you are creating a new Instagram account for your business and getting thousands of followers in less than a day. Sounds good? Even better, you post a high-quality picture of your product and get one thousand likes on day 2. Awesome, right? Wouldn’t you be delighted to see your brand reputation accelerating like a rocket leaving your competitors in the dust? Fortunately, it’s easy to leverage the benefits of Instagram marketing with iDigic.”

When it comes to social media marketing success, traffic and visitor engagement are the two things that raise the bar of a campaign and get businesses a step closer to achieving their marketing goals. A massive following is what drives traffic and more likes is what translates into better user engagement on any business page – you get the best of both worlds with iDigic, he further stated.

Recently, a small business (that sells cakes and ice creams) with just 205 followers in three months took its fan base to 10,000 in just a couple of days with the help of iDigic and became a popular name in its small niche.

Bryan further added “Numbers don’t lie, and history doesn’t deny this. Ask any online marketing pundit, and the answer is going to be unanimous – business accounts with more followers and likes on social media will manage to attract their target audience 10x faster than they normally would.”

The secret to succeeding with Instagram marketing boils down to having an increased profile visibility, popularity, amplified brand reputation, web traffic, and have a competitive advantage.

iDigic aims to help small businesses that are finding the going tough because of stiff competition. The company offers any number of real Instagram likes for any valid account at an affordable pricing.

Instagram is a place where millions of users are active and interested in grabbing anything that is worthy, ranging from a memory supplements to online marketing software to Forex trading signals. iDigic’s packages are tailored to help businesses, celebrities, and corporate, and even governmental institutions be seen on social media and get recognized for their good work.

People who wish to grab the site’s affordable followers and likes packages can take a look at iDigic.

About is a trusted service provider of Instagram followers and likes packages, and one of the very few sources that deliver real counts by real fans as opposed to fake robot-generated counts delivered by most other sites, as quoted by the site’s spokesperson.

It aims to help businesses achieve their marketing goals faster and expand their customer base in a smart way while still following “the white hat technique” of social media marketing. Small businesses with no idea on how to put their business promotions in front of a sizeable audience are more likely to be benefitted with iDigic’s Instagram followers and likes services.

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