Premium Marine Flooring and Marine Carpet For All Boats

With both Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl Flooring, and Aqualoc backed carpet available, the selection from the best of both flooring worlds is available in only one location. Premium Marine Flooring’s goal is to always provide you with the best product, pricing, and service in the industry, with no compromise.
Some individuals would rather live in their boats to give them the freedom of mobility while still enjoying the luxury of living.

However, living in your boat can have its drawbacks, too. You will have to maintain it the way you maintain your house or your car. Every detail in your boat must be accurately inspected for any signs of damage. One of the most essential parts of your boat is its flooring. Now, there are certain things you need to understand about marine flooring.

Unlike the ordinary flooring material in your home, the one used in your boat should, on top of all, be able to remain flat and stable throughout its lifespan. This is very important because what you need is a floor surface that will not give in to the weight of the boat’s interior fixtures and its occupants. As such, it is imperative that the marine flooring is made of sturdy, stable, and highly reliable materials that will neither shrink nor deform.

Additionally, boat floorings must take into account your health. The surface must be comfortable enough to walk on barefoot. Whether or not you eventually use a foamed marine floor layer or introduce another soft material in between the layers, it is important to check the surface’s ability to provide comfort. In some cases, many boat owners would put marine carpet on top of their boat floorings to allow for maximum comfort. However, it is also advisable to choose the type of carpet that you are going to place in your boat. Carpets are natural magnets for allergens and dust. If your boat is warm and damp most of the time, it may not be advisable to put a boat carpet even if it were stylish and very comfortable to step on. The point is that the flooring material for your boat should be at least non-slip, sturdy, stable, and comfortable.

As such, it is imperative to look for a highly customizable marine flooring for your boat, one that features a backing system that has been rated for heavy traffic. Choose a flooring material that is wear- and fade-resistant. A boat carpet that does not trap soil, dirt, debris, or even mold is something that needs to be considered in any one’s boat. And since everyone is now talking about being environmentally friendly, choosing a flooring material for your boat which is made from 100% recyclable materials would be the best decision you will ever make. Getting a marine carpet that is REACH-Certified can surely elevate the way you provide flooring for your boat.

Choosing the best flooring or carpet materials for your boat’s floor is something that all responsible boat owners have to do. After all, your boat is your second home.

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