Kids Get Ready – The Finger Prince is Coming

July 17, 2014.  New York, USA – Some “yucky and gucky” little characters are springing to life and it’s thanks to the innovative Finger Prince children’s book and some crowdfunding via Indiegogo.

The e-book will be full of bright illustrations and simple stories. The Finger Prince is actually a series of illustrations that started its little life as a comic strip. Now with some determination and your crowdfunding support it is about to morph into a fun little e-book that will help kids understand their self-worth.  As the site says, “Just like kids, no two fingerprints are alike!”  Of course there are loads of fun adventures for these little peanut butter and jelly smudges. At the heart of the book is the message that every child (no matter what their differences) have an important part to play in the world.

The Finger Prince is a story about a little finger print searching for his identity.  It teaches children that. …”whether they are big or small, short or tall, blue or green or something in between, each child has something unique to offer.” The moral isn’t heavy handed – it’s fun and funky.  The illustrations help to literally paint the picture.  Join the Cotton Candy Cowboy, the Pizza Pirate and of course, Petey Peanut Butter. Like the characters? There will be t-shirts and more goodies associated with the fun hero. Join the fun with the crowdsourced Indiegogo campaign and take advantage of a great story with great perks for supporters.

Perks include everything from big to small – including a chance to have autographed books and custom Finger Prince T-Shirts in exchange for your support.  T-shirts are available in children’s and adult sizes. Great perks range from $5 to $250 (private reading by the author). For just $5 you can have your name in the dedication page of our next Finger Prince book. For $75 you can have a signed printed soft cover book and a custom cotton T-shirt.  Autographed copies of the book will be printed and mailed out later this fall.  Other perks include having your name (or a school name) in the “Our Special Thanks” section of the next published book. For $250 Peter will come out and visit your house, school or day care (within a 50 mile radius of New York City). Check out the Indiegogo campaign video and perks for all the details. With one book ready to go and other ideas in the works – the plan is for this to be a trilogy.  Your donations will help them to promote via social media, and secure the trademark for all associated products (t-shirts, bedding etc.)

The author/illustrator, Peter, was an art director for TV commercials for 25 years and understands branding (and storytelling).  His business/sales partner is Misha Jesby, together they promise this is ‘just the beginning’ for the Finger Prince.  

For all the details on this awesome little book and big ideas check out the Indiegogo campaign page. Even if you can’t donate be sure to tell everyone in your networks and spread the word about the Finger Prince.

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