“Domain Media – a vertical internet media and marketing company, connects people with their passions and interests while enabling companies to engage with their audiences on a much deeper level.”
Business development executive, Kurt Ohlson, joins Domain Media Corp. as its Executive Vice President and a member of the Board of Directors.

Chandler, AZ, February 01, 2016 – Vertical Internet media network and marketing firm Domain Media Corp. is proud to announce the addition of Mr. Kurt Ohlson as the Company’s Executive Vice President and his appointment to the Board of Directors.

Mr. Ohlson has a phenomenal track record spanning 25 years in executive leadership and business development roles. As Vice President of ING (NYSE: ING), Kurt was responsible for producing over $1.4 billion in lifetime sales and established several company-wide records that still stand today. His experience and background has been based upon the principals of building relationships and value added business development and has led many teams over the years to help companies expand within their existing markets while also establishing new markets to drive corporate growth.

“I’ve known Kurt now for several years and have seen him at work and how he’s able to build relationships, manage people, and work on large scale projects. His background, high regard in the business community, and skills are a great addition to Domain Media. I’m very honored to be working with Kurt and have him join our board as we continue to build the Company,” stated Chris Kern, Domain Media’s President.

Kurt’s long standing and deep rooted business development experience involves dealing with senior executives in companies of all sizes from the Fortune 500 to small businesses, includes a wide variety of industries such as financial services, healthcare services, travel, and real estate, and has built and managed large scale projects from the ground up that include targeted traffic platforms, large multi-site lead generation websites, international digital marketing campaigns, and local search engine marketing.

“I began my career in digital marketing five years ago after seeing the great success ING had online with their internet bank. During these years of discovery I’ve been searching for the right platform to become a part of. After meeting Chris and learning about Domain Media and the vision he has for the future of the Company, I’m convinced this has all of the elements for success and the place I need to be. I am very excited to become part of the company and help grow Domain Media,” commented Kurt Ohlson.

About Domain Media:

Domain Media Corp is an integrated vertical Internet media network and marketing company that focuses on connecting people with their passions and interests in specific market verticals, while enabling businesses to be in engaged with highly targeted audiences. The Company owns and operates website networks and a growing number of online communities that aggregates large markets where people and businesses can connect, learn, and share. To learn more about the Company, please visit DomainMediaCorp.com.


For more information about Domain Media Corp, please contact Chris Kern at 480-659-4907 or email info [at] DomainMediaCorp.com.

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