Healthcareer Group of Atlanta, Georgia Adds On-line Component for Alternative Route To Healthcare Certifications

Healthcareer Group, an Education and Training consultancy based in the Atlanta metro area, is proud to announce its accelerated certification training through highly skilled mobile training teams (MTTs) will be complimented by an online component. The interactive online training will be available for most of their clinical programs starting January 5, 2013.

Thousands of allied healthcare workers throughout the U.S. lack proper certification. Many have actually graduated from accredited programs but lack necessary credentialing. In the past three years, certification has become critical in order to maintain permanent employment status, as well as to start or advance a health career. A major issue for most working healthcare professionals is finding the time to address this and many are losing their jobs.

How is the average healthcare worker to obtain certification that hasn’t always been required when colleges and technical schools cost thousands of dollars and months to complete? The answer is to find little known medical refresher workshops that include accelerated certification exam preparation training.

Healthcareer Group’s addition of optional on-line training gives that extra dimension which allows the working adult to conveniently take advantage of these scarcely available workshops and help make healthcare safer one worker at a time.

For the allied healthcare worker with a limited time to become certified, why take a chance on losing a job? Healthcareer Group’s alternative to lengthy college or trade school programs now allows an additional option to a status upgrade and becoming certified conveniently.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the Healthcare industry employs over one million people and will generate over 3 million jobs by 2020. Most employers now require certification to ensure increased quality of patient care and patient safety in alignment with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and other federal regulatory agencies.

Get Certified Now! Find out if you qualify as more formal education is becoming a requirement! “Healthcare Industry Is Primed For A Job Boom, But There’s A Catch …at the same time that demand for qualified workers is increasing, so are the educational requirements for these jobs.” –Forbes

The amazing fact is that a very large percentage of those providing health care are unaware of the fact that virtually every healthcare worker with experience or schooling who qualifies can become certified through this alternative route.

“Healthcare continues to offer excellent opportunities for job seekers, and not only positions that require a medical degree.” -US News and World Report
Phlebotomy Technician, Clinical Medical Assistant and other clinical positions offer a professional status and do not require an undergraduate degree. These nationally accredited certifications can be obtained in a few days.

Most Healthcare providers who seek certification through this alternative route pass their exams and become certified on the first try. Certification is an invaluable resource that facilitates the commencement or advancement of a rewarding career in the healthcare industry. For more information, visit or Call (800) 897-1773.

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