Company Pushes for More Success With New Animation

After releasing their product earlier in 2016, Leatherberg made an animation to promote this product. This animation focuses on the main features of the product and was posted on major media outlets.

1 Feb, 2016 – In January of 2016, Leatherberg, an independent company specializing on supplies for pets, released their new product live to the market. The product of their choice was a durable and utile dog leash to be released online to the eStore Due to its innovative design and expansive market, the product was a huge success, and marked Leatherberg’s first successful live release. 

To commemorate this success, Leatherberg created a 2D animation to help promote further success of their product. This video is available publicly, able to be accessed not only on their own Leatherberg Facebook page, but on YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, and Twitter.  This video helps promote the selling points of the product, such as its incredible price, at only $24.90, amazing customers reviews, and comfort for both the pet and its owner.

This video allows for more publicity for their product, and a more familiar and comfortable medium for potential customers to learn about their product. Now, with the release of their unique animation, average viewers can find out about the product’s unique makeup of 100% Latigo leather, making it comfortable for all parties, durable design for long lasting use, and even a 90-day warranty to help influence consumers to purchase this product with the peace of mind. 

In addition to helping the sales of the safe and reliable pet friendly leash, Leatherberg hopes to increase awareness of their various social media outlets. Leatherberg posts often with useful information or advice onto popular media outlets like Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+ and Twitter. Here, users can find unique information regarding care for their pets, specifically their dogs. Users will find a plethora of images, diagrams, and useful posts on obedience training, leather types, and quotes that are most relating to dogs from impactful figures. With this step, Leatherberg hopes to push their publicity, and gain more traction for the coming future.

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