Mitchell & Johnson launches Electrostatz Headphones for £ 199.99

A revolutionary self-biasing electrostatic headphone technology is launched by a UK Based audio device manufacturing company, Mitchell & Johnson.

The ground breaking technology with the hybrid launched at the most incredible price of £199.99, breaking through all price barriers.The innovators and researchers with years of study and hard work innovated electrostatz technology called self-biasing, which works using the tiniest current contained in audio signals.

This core technology was further improvised and refined by the team at Verisonix and patented as Electrostatz Technology.

The co-founder of the company has initiated a kick-starter campaign for the product to raise funds and backers to back the project. The campaign was started recently with a target to pledge almost $30000. The campaign has been a huge success and has received a total of 264 backers pledging over $40,000 already. Such an immensely overwhelming response has made the foundation of the product even stronger.

The Kickstarter campaign endorsesElectrostatz headphones which uses specially designed hybrid electrostatz module to create the highest quality sound that can even be tuned to specific uses on manufacturing. Using the electro static hybrid for this model of headphones makes it efficient, gives a better sound quality as it is capable of converting electric signals to sounds without causing noises or hysteric effect.Producing sounds up to the frequency of 50,000 KHz.

Also, the Electrostatz headphones comes in a sleek and trendy style with an inbuilt amplifier and step up power transformer and a light weight of 269 gm, making it a portable and easy to use device unlike other electro static devices which require external power transformer and signal amplifier at all times. All of this and much more offered at a much lower cost than its competitors in the market which has made it a hit amongst the backers.

The campaign offers some early bird prices for anyone who pledges £99 or more would get these beautiful headphones.   The device has also won accolades from industry leaders and experts and has been featured on tech forums such as What Hi-fi, technology innovation award winner by the Wall Street Journal and “The very knowledgeable visitors to both CES in Las Vegas and the Headroom Show in London have been full of praise and in disbelief at the sound quality”, quotedDavid F Johnson.

Owing to the immensely overwhelming response of the backers the electrostatz headphone devices will be delivered by May 2016, anywhere across the world.For more information on the campaign, checkout the Mitchell & Johnson Electrostatz Headphones.

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