MEEM The Memory Cable – The First Product of its Kind in the World Announced

With MEEM, users can automatically back up their phone every time they charge it!

LONDON, United Kingdom – February 2, 2016 – MEEM, the memory cable, is the first product of its kind in the world! MEEM is a phone charger cable that automatically backs up the personal data on a person’s phone to the cable itself every time they charge the phone, whether by power adaptor, car charger, PC port or power bank.

It’s a simple solution that fits into a person’s daily routine with no third-party access to their information. Just plug in MEEM, choose and confirm your 4 digit PIN and back up of your personal data starts immediately and automatically thereafter every time you charge your phone. You are in control as your personal data remains safe in your hands, under your physical control and inaccessible to hackers.

You already charge your phone every day so now you will back up every day. If you are moving from old technology or just upgrading your phone MEEM makes it easy. It works with 2 handsets and allows you to selectively sync between phones. There will never be any fees to pay. It works and it is a quality product, which is why MEEM offers a 3-year international warranty and why Apple approved it as “Made for iPhone”.

MEEM works exclusively with the free MEEM App and charges a phone at its maximum charging rate. MEEM’s patents in Europe (EP 2220564), the US (US 8560865 & US 9048570) and other countries mean its features and benefits won’t be seen in any other product. Protect the things that matter! A phone can be replaced; treasured memories can’t be.

MEEM has just launched on Kickstarter and that means you have the opportunity to pledge, support MEEM and receive some exciting rewards, which includes receiving the product at launch at a reduced price. Free shipping and special prices on limited quantities. Find out more at here. Perks will be delivered by March 2016.


Media Contact
Company Name: MEEM
Contact Person: David Knox
Country: United Kingdom