The New Big Deal For Smartphone Users

Smartphones have become an essential tool of communication, which has passed any other technological development in recent past. There are hundreds of applications which aim at providing the best experience when it comes to build connection with people. Most of these apps live a hyped and short life after their arrival and loose on maintaining interests of their users. Only some promising free sms reach the ten million mark and sustain with the cut-throat competition.

Dingtone is one such application which is winning hearts around the globe due to flexibility and user friendly nature. It’s an application which is lite rally a compliment to the word one for all. It has all the basic functions which the users wants, as well as some unique features worth appreciating. It’s getting more users day by day to compete with the big sector of the market.

The many amazing features of Dingtone will certainly appeal to you and one of it is getting a new number. Yes, it’s as crazy as it sounds, you will be having a separate number to use this application. It gives you original U.S numbers to connect with anybody you want to around the world. This also includes the people who don’t use Dingtone. The craziness does not stop here, as you can have numerous U.S numbers to use. This feature uplifts this application from all its competitors and makes it worthwhile to invest your time in.

This feature leads you into a vast world of possibilities, where you can use separate U.S numbers for business, family, and friends, public or for any other such use. The first number will always be free of any cost but the following numbers will be charged accordingly. Just be sure to use your number once in a month to enjoy this premium condition. The call forwarding option can also be used with your Dingtone numbers.

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While serving this huge option to the users the application also gives you an added walkie-talkie function. Just push a button and your Dingtone friend would be able to hear and respond you. This function is so cool that people are using more of it than real calls and texts. The best part of using this function is that it can also work when your phone is locked. You can include 100 users in this conversation at one time and all of them can communicate. 

All these features give receive fax online a separate identity, which makes it a worth installing.

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