NJ Reputation Management Company Created – You Won’t Believe Why

Imagine waking up one morning and realizing your competitor’s have banded against you. This alone isn’t ground breaking, but what if they didn’t do so to compete on product or price, but rather wage warfare in the hearts and minds of potential customers. Smear campaigns, misinformation, and multiple pawns; reads more like a political election than business, but here we are.

Weak Banding Against the Strong

Multiple companies in the permaculture space (green, sustainable movements) banded together against one of the leaders, The Regenerative Leadership Institute (RLI), to persuade other that their course was somehow inferior, spammy, and not recognized by the major permaculture schools.

Who’s Involved in the Attack?

The players currently are Permaculture Activist, Permaculture USA, Regenerative Design Group, and a few supporters of the “attacking” institutions. They are all hosting content that shows the RLI in a bad light. DMCA complaints cannot get this removed, and it’s a nightmare for lawyers (which were unsuccessful removing).

Phase 1: Realizing You Have to Fight Back

The RLI CEO contacted NJAnton.com to help market and promote his brand/business in the positive light it deserves. Yes, there are negative reviews, but there are also hundreds enrolled each year with glowing testimonials that potential customers never see in Google. The realization that he needed advanced SEO tactics coupled with overall brand messaging led to the birth of this New Jersey based reputation firm.

Did it Work? Science of Advanced Branding Online

In the summer of 2014, the RLI has regained its good name in the search engines. Competitor’s opinions (use that term loosely) are no longer a factor in the top 5 results (they use to be ranked 2,3,4,). Through content marketing, press releases, super web2.0s, advanced tier link building and search engine optimization, the company has reclaimed their reputation, which was artificially disrupted by a coordinated attack by the competition.

Success! Duty Calls, There Are Others to Help

Because this project was an overwhelming success NJAnton.com has decided to offer this service to other business owners that have been affected by negative reviews from bloggers, Ripoffreport, Yelp, and other platforms. Not all businesses deserve to be represented, but those that had an unfortunate customer experience, a jealous competitor, or an ex-employee with an axe to grind, shouldn’t hurt small businesses and take food out of their families mouths.

Call Matt or Dan for a free consultation, or visit their reputation management New Jersey webpage.

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