New Messaging solutions for not-for-profit groups and churches

03 Feb, 2016 – Apollo Communication launches a new messaging service that is specifically designed for not for profit  groups and churches.  This new service is an ideal way for small groups to establish communication between a few or hundreds of individuals. The new group services use a cloud based contact list, and from any device users can send out notifications to hundreds of individuals in just a few seconds.  The notifications can be text messages, emails, or actual phone calls.  Each account is given a unique phone number.  That phone number can be published like any other number.  A dedicated phone number gives users the ability to send and receive messages without using their personal phone or phone number.

Apollo Communication Group notification and messaging system is a Bi-directional messaging system. Users of the system can also receive incoming messages from the system.  All incoming messages are received and sent out to a distribution list. The distribution lists is created so that that incoming messages can be received by multiple people.  Users can respond to this incoming messages just like any other email or text message. The centralized contact list makes it easy if multiple people have to send out messages like youth group leaders or even the coaches of the softball team. Users can login and group and sort the contact lists as they need to, and they can select a single person or the entire list to send a message to.

“We have a lot of outings with our youth and we are always looking for drivers to help out.  I can send out a message to all the people who are listed as drivers and within a few minutes I will get a response from more than enough people who can drive,” said John Wielding. “It saves me a lot of time.”

Apollo’s Group Messaging is Ideal for:

• Request for Volunteers
• Weather notifications and cancellations
• Change in venue or location
• Emergencies
• General information notification
• Receive incoming messages from parents
• Youth Groups and Small Group organization
• Instantly contact everyone on an outing – “meet for lunch at…”
• Prayer Chains
• Support Line

Apollo Communications is a leader in group notification and messaging.  Apollo’s systems are built from the same technology used by first responders and many long term care centers.  Using Text, Phone Calls, and email, Apollo will get your message out, and have the message read or listen to in a timely manner.  For only a few dollars a month you can an easy to uses messaging system. There are no contracts and you only have to pay for what you need.

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