The Celebrity Branding focuses on helping individuals build a brand

SINGAPORE – 03 Feb, 2016 – A new company, The Celebrity Branding, offers individuals looking to establish a personal brand a five-step blueprint to help them build their reputation and be recognized.

The service, which founders Ezekiel Chua and Jane Kuek say may be the first in Singapore, is designed to help entrepreneurs, speakers, authors and start-up founders, among others, establish themselves as experts in their respective fields.

“We’re not doing company branding,” Chua said. “We’re only working with individuals who want to develop their own personal brand. We help them establish credibility and authority in their field so they can differentiate themselves from competitors and increase the trust of their potential clients.”

Chua and Kuek have worked with more than 150 professionals, including speakers, coaches, salespeople, financial consultants and real-estate agents, and developed a blueprint to help others establish themselves and develop a personal brand. The blueprint is designed to help people overcome doubts and pessimism about their situation, as well as frustration about previous attempts to build their reputation that weren’t successful.

“We help people facing issues such as trust, credibility, authority and reputation,” Kuek said. “We also help them be different from others in their field, so they can carve out a space for themselves.”

The service is offering a free, one-hour consultation to three people each month. Regular sessions cost $300 per hour. During consultations, clients receive the company’s five-step blueprint to establishing their celebrity brand.

There are many advantages to becoming recognized as an expert, Chua said, including the initial impression it has on potential clients and the business opportunities it can open up. But one of the largest is the online reputation it can create.

“Eighty percent of potential clients search the Internet before making a decision,” Chua said. “The search results that come up shows how someone is perceived, and influences the decisions people make when choosing who to work with.”

In addition to the consultation services the company offers, it also has an exclusive Celebrity Branding Group, where members are able to ask the founders questions about personal branding and receive fast replies. Members of the group also have access to exclusive videos that offer tips and strategies about personal branding.

The process of becoming recognized as a celebrity expert isn’t easy, and doesn’t happen overnight, Kuek said. It takes work, but that work can pay big dividends.

“This isn’t for everyone,” she said. “To achieve results, people need to willing to open their minds and accept that what they’re doing right now might not be working. They also need to be willing to change, sometimes dramatically, to get the best results. Those who are willing and able to take those steps can build their personal brand exponentially, though.”

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