Rip Off Report Publishes New Exposé On Best Price Evaluations Controversy

In a new publication, Rip Off Report describes how two people have scammed 300,000 people using fake medical marijuana recommendations and pocketed over $4,000,000 in cash.

There are many dark sides to commerce, but one of the most damaging elements of the internet for many lies in its shades of grey. It can be almost impossible to tell legitimate businesses from fake ones, as the fakes have gotten very good at presenting themselves well online. Rip Off Report is a website aimed at exposing the fakes and helping people take action if they have been wronged by these companies. The site has just published a new report on Best Price Evaluations, accusing them of Medical Marijuana Doctor Fraud.

In their research, they have discovered that over 50% of the medical marijuana doctors’ offices that are opened in California are fraudulently run and need to be investigated. Best Price Evaluations is the first of these that the site has tackled head on.

The owners of this corporation are Gregory Hamilton and Inga Gefter. They own a fraudulent medical marijuana doctor’s office that prescribes fake marijuana recommendations to its patients. So far they have issued over 300,000 fake recommendations to patients and collected over $4,000,000 via these fraudulent methods. 

They hire physician assistants, when the law clearly states that the marijuana recommendations have to be issued by a licensed physician.  The law also states that it is illegal to employ doctors unless you are a doctor yourself. This creates an illegally owned corporation run by unqualified people who hire fake doctors.

Best Price Evaluations processes many of these requests through its website at If any patient who gets arrested with one of these fake recommendations, they will go to jail because it will not hold up in court.

A spokesperson for Rip Off Report explained, “There are people out there right now who don’t realise they have been scammed and are at risk of being imprisoned all because this company is hiding the way they do things. We want to shed light on this rip off and ensure the media knows the names of those involved, so we can begin to see justice being done.”

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Rip Off Report expose fraudulent companies in order to help the people get their money back for paying for fake services. The site allows people to be armed with the opinions, comments and experiences of others like them so they can determine for themselves if they want to do business with certain listed companies or individuals.

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