Natural Supplement Video Gamers Edge Announces Launch Delivering a Powerful Advantage for Competitive Gamers

All Natural Supplement Video Gamers Edge Announces Launch Delivering a Powerful Way to Get an Edge Online or Off

03 Feb, 2016 – It’s no secret that when it comes to pro gaming or just egaming in general the top players are looking for any advantage possible over their opponents.  A new factor has recently emerged in this area the exciting all natural supplement Video Gamers Edge. Met with immediate praise the new supplement seems poised to explode on the gaming scene from bedrooms all the way to the top tournaments.

To excel in video gaming a number of things, generally, have to be in place.  Hand eye coordination, quick reflexes and high energy all make the list.  What if there were a supplement that could help deliver in those areas?  Well now there is, Video Gamers Edge, and expect pro gaming and egaming to embrace it fast.  Video Gamers Edge has an all natural and safe formula developed precisely with producing video game excellence in mind, while being legal and permitted in any tournaments or elsewhere.  Early users couldn’t be more pleased.

“We expect to see players winning things like Major League Gaming competitions or the International along with  League of Legends and Dota 2 players,” a spokesperson from the company stated. “This is safer, healthier and more effective than mainstream energy drinks and prescriptions that are terrible for a gamer’s health.”

According to the company Video Gamers Edge’s formula features highlights like Ginko Biloba, PS Complex, N-Acetyl L Carnitine, St John’s Wort, and DMAE.  All the ingredients are safe and natural, chosen to act together to have a powerful effect on a gamer’s abilities.

With the demand for high-level performance absolute in the very big tournaments like Dota 2 and International for League of Legends Players, many feel gaming skills aren’t the only factor to consider anymore.  Rest, health and a safe performance enhance like Video Gamers Edge can make the difference between 1st place and not placing at all.

Early feedback for the supplement has been wildly positive.

John C., from New York, recently said, “I love Video Gamers Edge.  I wouldn’t think of pro gaming anymore without it.  It helps my focus, keeps me calm and steady plus provides super energy.  Five stars.”

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