Nichelle Nichols Joins Original 1979 Paramount Team to Recreate the Lost Movie Starship Enterprise

Los Angeles, CA – Nichelle Nichols, “Uhura” in Star Trek, is now the official spokesperson for Project Enterprise – the rebuilding of the original USS Enterprise by the Hollywood team who created her for “Star Trek – The Motion Picture” in 1979. 

“The Starship Enterprise is THE most renowned, recognized, and loved movie icon in the history of film and she deserves to be reborn while we’re still alive and kicking to do it, as we alone possess the provenance to recreate her,” said Paul Olsen, “The millions of fans around the world have kept Star Trek alive through their devotion and love, and this is their unique chance to again play a part in rebuilding the USS Enterprise.”

The original iconic model – used in the first 6 Star Trek films – succumbed to mishandling, respraying, and finally disappeared, crippled, into private hands in 2006, so she will never be seen again by devoted fans or appear in another Star Trek film. This is a cinematic travesty for this most recognized movie icon in the history of American popular culture.

Richard Winn Taylor who designed the Enterprise, Jim Dow who built her, and Paul Olsen who gave her a pearl ball gown (author of “Creating the Enterprise”) are determined to return their Enterprise to her rightful place in the Galaxy so she may live long and prosper as she boldly goes, traveling planet Earth for the joy of her tens of millions of fans.

The team plan to raise enough money to kit out a dedicated, secure LA facility to handcraft a new Starship Enterprise that will be 50% larger and 200% more beautiful than their original 8-foot model.

The new Enterprise will be 12 feet long and will be displayed in a spectacular spherical 3D state-of-the-art LED virtual reality environment with projection mapping designed by award-winning FX master Richard Winn Taylor so the ‘flying’ Enterprise will appear to be racing through time and space to dazzle her fans. The team will employ the illusory magic of one of Hollywood’s master magicians to complete the spectacle and to return the magnificent Enterprise where she belongs, into the arms and hearts of her ardent and adoring fans the world over. 

Every aspect of the ship will be designed and built exactly as in 1979, only employing the most modern techniques and materials to last well into the 24th century, and in the manner of everything Star Trek, the fans will be central to the experience.

The Project will take 18-20 months to complete, during which a documentary directed by Richard will catalog every step of the process. Towards the end of the build A-list actors and directors will drop by to see the Queen of the Galaxy up close and personal, adding their stardust to the proceedings.

Upon completion, Nichelle Nichols will unveil the Starship Enterprise at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

Star Trek fans want to see models again on the Big Screen. Paul has created a timeline that takes off from his favorite fourth movie, “The Voyage Home” and written a rollicking script featuring their new Enterprise with classic and new characters and sequel potential.

Fans can donate towards the project at and are offered a wealth of exclusive premiums. Top tier contributors will be given tours of the workshop, lifetime VIP entry to any event where the Enterprise is displayed, meet and greets, every premium, dinner with the team and other exclusive perks.

Paul says, “If you want to see the Enterprise in person, and again on the Big Screen, support Project Enterprise and we can make this happen in the best tradition of Star Trek!”

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