Perth Kitchen Resurfacing Reveals Alternate Options For Home Remodeling Projects

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling can quickly get expensive. See how Perth Kitchen Resurfacing is giving homeowners a less costly and less frustrating option at

According to, the average cost of a kitchen remodeling project for a home in Australia is in the range of $12,000 to $16,000. While a kitchen remodel has been known to add value to a home, many homeowners simply cannot (or do not want to) spend that kind of money to get the job done.

It is with this dilemma in mind that Perth Kitchen Resurfacing is offering homeowners an alternative solution. Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars on a complete kitchen renovation, Perth Kitchen Resurfacing is giving homeowners the option of using their benchtop, cabinet, and ceramic tile refinishing services.

Jim, a representative of Perth Kitchen Resurfacing, stated “Many homeowners want a new look for their kitchen but can’t afford the excessive cost to have new stone countertops, wooden cabinets, and ceramic tile installed. Fortunately, this is where our Kitchen Resurfacing services can help. Using industry-leading technology and experience, we can quickly and expertly apply a fresh factory-new look for wood or metal cabinets. We use our exclusive Stone Effects finish for kitchen benchtops, which is impact, scuff, and scratch-resistant and is available in wide range of colours.”

As Jim goes on to say, “Choosing kitchen or bathroom refinishing does bring some major benefits to homeowners. When homeowners opt for this alternative, they often save nearly 80 percent over the cost of replacement since there is no tear-out or installation involved or products to buy. In addition, many resurfacing projects can be completed in as little as one day instead of the traditional two weeks that a renovation would take. Less money spent and less frustration for the homeowner make kitchen resurfacing a much more attractive option.”

“When making any changes to the design of their home, it’s important for homeowners to ensure that they are getting the very best value for their dollar. Our team believes that the refinishing services we offer will allow them to do just that. Whether they’re after a new look or plan to sell their home soon, kitchen or bathroom resurfacing can add value to a homeowner’s space and to their life.”

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About Perth Kitchen Resurfacing:

Perth Kitchen Resurfacing is a WA-owned and operated family business that will not be beat on price or quality and is considered by many to be Perth’s premier Bathroom & Kitchen Resurfacing Service. The company offers a unique solution to the extravagant costs of performing a full blown traditional structural renovation to modernise or just refresh old bathrooms or kitchens. Giving homeowners a less costly and time-consuming option, their process promises maximum efficiency and minimum interruption. Whether it’s cabinets, splashbacks, benchtops, bathtubs, showers, sinks, vanities, floor tiles, or walls, all work is fully insured and satisfaction is guaranteed. 

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