Rape, Islam & US Government Fits Daniel, the Only Book Christ Recommended for End-Times: Dr Ruhling

Rape was punished with death in the Bible. Widespread rape condemns those governments that excuse or punish it lightly. Daniel 2 forecasts the kingdoms of this world to crumble in end-times. The wide-spread lack of self-government, from Islam to a former president suggests that time is impending, says Dr. Richard Ruhling, author of Apocalypse 2016. He offers the following insights.

PRESCOTT, AZ – 05 Feb, 2016 – A ridiculous ad against rape leaves women defenseless in Finland where a billboard says “Rape, You Can Do It In Finland. Refugees Can Do Anything… You Will Not Be Prosecuted” (WND.com, 2-4-16.)

The US should hang its head in shame that a similar message comes from a picture of Bill Clinton with the caption: Rape Is OK… if you are a Democrat. The White House has been used to rape tax payers for one abomination after another, but the Bible says, “Be sure your sin will find you out.”

While callng us “the Great Satan” for bringing Hollywood and our debauched lifestyle to the Middle East, Muslims excuse rape. The inability of women to get a fair trial in those countries testifies against their religion that justifies sexual abuse by men. Maybe it’s to compensate for internal guilt that they blow themselves up in jihad, hoping they will get 70 virgins in paradise.

For Muslims reading this, they may be comforted that Daniel 8 pictures them as a more noble ram in contrast to the goat (America) that brought alcohol, tobacco, drugs, crime, sex, violence, TV and Hollywood to them. But this is not Christianity. Their militancy against Christians and Jews will be met by defeat as foretold; indeed, the vision is half done as Saddam, the first horn on the ram, is dead.

Daniel 8 shows a militant ram with two horns (Media and Persia) broken by a goat that flies from the west. A ram is more noble than a goat, but it is stomped for its pushiness and militancy.

Kingdom means dominion of a king, and the 2nd chapter of Daniel shows the kingdoms of this world will crumble and be ground to powder in the time of the end. Five ‘when-then’ signs point to this year for the beginning of end-times, including the Iran Nuclear Treaty that’s already broken, missile testing.

Dr. Richard Ruhling, is author of Apocalypse 2016, available on Amazon where most of his ebooks have 5-star reviews. He is a retired physician who taught Health Science at Loma Linda University. He agrees with Dr. Carson’s promise to repeal ‘Obamacare as “the worst things since slavery,” and says Carson is the one most likely to keep his promises and best able to cope with impending crises as America faces many pressures to crumble.

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