Employee Monitoring Software OsMonitor’s Updated Version Released

OsMonitor is an employee monitoring software that has gained wide currency among employers and project managers across industries. Recently, the developers announced that they have updated the previous version.

OsMonitor, an employee monitoring software that allows server side monitoring, has been a natural choice for many employers and project managers since it was launched for the first time. The developers of the employee tracking software recently announced that they have upgraded and updated the software program with new features and also have fixed a couple of bugs.

The developers added that the new software can now be purchased and downloaded from the official website of the company. They also added that existing users need not to pay any amount for downloading the upgraded version.

“Server side users can take screenshots of the systems that are under surveillance, get the complete record of the websites visited, monitor chat history, track files and emails sent through Microsoft Outlook, track the windows and browser tabs opened during a working session, and track applications that have been used,” said a senior software developer while describing the salient features of the employee monitoring software program.

“The monitoring data gets directly stored in the server computer. One advantage of using server side monitoring is that even if the user deletes the files or the data, project managers can see the data as it gets stored in real time,” he added.

OsMonitor employee monitoring software also allows users to block websites, games and other work-unrelated applications, USB disks and ports, and large uploads and downloads, revealed another member of the development team that has managed this project of upgrading the software program.

“Our software can now query all types of infractions on server end and print detailed reports. We must say that the software was successful if we go by the number of downloads and purchases. However, we just wanted to make it better, add new features and modify the existing features so we can make it more user-friendly, or employer-friendly,” commented the CEO and managing director of Wangya Computer Co Ltd, the software development company that has developed the employee monitoring software program. He also informed that the development team is now working on a new parental control software program.

About the Company

OsMonitor is an employee monitoring software program developed by Wangya Computer.

To know more about the program, visit http://www.os-monitor.com/

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